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discussion response help please


1) Good post. What about groups like the San that don’t use technology? Are they global citizens? What knowledge has become obvious? Is everyone able to understand quantum physics because of technology? Terrorism has been around as long as man has tried to subjugate another man. The difference between the past and now is with technology we can do it anonymously. Would you agree?

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2) While interpreting the messages that the use of technology presents in relation to becoming a global citizen, it is important to develop our future leaders with information that they can relate to in order to hold their interest in international communications. An article published by Journal of American Culture in 2011 states “those popular culture topics help students understand connections between daily life and the broader socioeconomic environment” (Batchelor, 2011). Having multiple digital communications and technology options will give people different options in building overseas connections and relationships. Some might be concerning that connecting digitally may take away from the face to face interactions that some culture prefer, however as society progresses into a more digital and internet usage norm, the rest of the world will have to follow suit or be ostracized. There are many other concerns with becoming more digitally inclined while still acting as an active global citizen to include unequal social relations. With an increase in more politicians and global leaders communicating digitally, there is a chance for someone to disguise themselves as someone of power. According to an article published by Journal of Curriculum Studies in 2005 “Several scholars have demonstrated that gender and power issues are not easily hidden in online environments,” so while the challenge exists, it is something that does not occur often because of how difficult it is to disguise themselves into someone who is worth more than what they are (Zembylas & Vrasidas, 2005). One of the greatest benefits to be globally diverse in the age of technology is it allows people to utilize different ideas in order to piece together an innovative approach in a business or even in a school project. The impact that technology and global influences has had in my life includes being able to go to school digitally and earn an education while being able to respectfully debate with students from all over about the same subject.


3) Globalization is the process by which people in a community integrate with other people from other communities through interchange of views, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Therefore global citizenship is a person who identifies themselves with a certain community and their actions and deeds contribute to building values and practices of this community that is its ways people do business. Technology is use of social networking, advancement in technology has contributed much to growth much to the growth of globalization this seen through invention of telegraphs where one can communicate with people who are in places where they can’t go. Telephones also made communication easier and fast and the use of social networking such as twitter, Facebook which improves interactions with people at far distances.

Technology has changed the way we pursue knowledge by limiting our thinking people no longer think they sick help from internet through Google that is its making as view knowledge as easy we no longer read written article for research since all the answers we want are found in the internet (Stieglitz, and Charlton, 2005).Internet has helped us to stay connected even with friends who are miles away through online communication thus helping us to keep in touch and make social plans with people we have met and those we have never met but we know them through social networking.

Technical and global community have various challenges which includes the following, the advancement of technology has left many firms struggling to adopt to the changes to meet the high expectations of global consumers thus the firms has to adjust and innovate. But global community has various benefits such communication has become easier people can interact with others who are in long distances and save transport cost and time. In my life technology and globalization has helped me to connect to people I never thought and has helped me in various ideas on how I can improve my business.


4) In the past two years that I have been at Ashford, I have learned that general education is constantly evolving and that you can never stop learning. What may seem like an educated standard right now, six months from now may be a matter of common knowledge. I have also gathered in the classes that I have completed that we are given the tools to be an effective leader, we just have to apply the different concepts accordingly and to “trust but verify” anything that we are unsure of. The most important concepts that I have learned from this course is that every bit of information that we are utilizing has to have a primary or secondary source, otherwise the information is just hearsay. Throughout my time at Ashford, I have learned that communication is the heart of all my schoolwork and self-improvement. I have become an effective communicator with my instructors and other students as well as my academic advisor. I plan on utilizing many of the financial and management concepts in my own office as well as with my personal life in order to broaden my community and professional relationships. Effective management skill will allow me to work more efficiently while still accomplishing the mission. Furthermore my improved communication skills will enhance my community involvement. Overall I can say that I have grown in the last two years.


5) Most of what I have learned from this course and my time at Ashford basically confirmed what I already knew. The field that I am studying is the same one that I work in. All that really means is that the topics covered are not new information, but more of a refresher. My plans for putting my education to use are already in place as I mentioned previously that my degree is in my current field that I work in. The degree will assist in my professional development by giving me a more level playing field to compete for contracts against younger candidates that have degrees but no experience. I will now have both multiple decades of experience and a degree. On a personal level I will have finally reached a goal that has been decades in the making. This will also show my kids that if you put your mind to something it can come true.

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