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Comrade is a free browser that is responsible for sending free relevant to the user. Comrade assists to get a brand recommendation based on the recent activity in the browser. When you are browsing the extension is responsible for sending all the relevant information. the extension filters and send the most relevant and worthy information to the browser individual. Through the use of the browser, one will earn by visiting the recommendation and one will instantly get paid.

Comrade offers product recommendations. It will offer relevant brands based on the interest of the browsing person. There will be also the product recommendation related to the searches. Comrade assists to recommend similar production. The recommendation is based on the subjects of interest. The recommendation is rewarding and of benefit to the user.

The biggest benefit of any brand is to have the biggest sale. Comrade creates the relevance of the brand to the audience. Getting the audience is the largest gain of every brand. The largest audience makes the brand make a high. Customer attention to any brand is very valuable. It raises the interest and leads to improved traffic to the brand. The traffic in the brand is relevant and this will lead to increased sales. Comrade creates a price on the brand and it will direct all the payment to the brand pockets. Comrades have given the companies a platform to market the products and to make it easy to reach the target audience. Comrade has led to the benefit of the browsing individual and the brand gets the benefit of receiving a good audience. Being a good customer will lead gladly pay you in a good way.

Earning using comrade is very easy and beneficial.  Different brands will pay differently. The payment model of the brands is called cost per click. There is some brand that pays 50 cents while others will pay up to 25 dollars. The earnings of the company will depend on the ability of the company to spend on the target audience.

Comrade work in all the browsers.  It offers the user the freedom to choose the browser to use. one has the choice of using chrome, firefox, and edge. Additionally, the privacy of the comrade is under the user. On deciding on what to be stored in the extension. One has the decision of what to be store and for how long. One can delete what is stored at any time.

In conclusion, the internet is full of scams and a lot of misinformation. One needs to be wise and a bit skeptical when making use of different extensions. However, different brands do pay quite well to reach the target audience at the right time.



Comrade protects the use by ensuring that there is no personal information that is collected. The product recommendation is based on recent searches. the amount of data retained by comrade is minimum hence privacy assurance.

ARTH 478 UMUC Sofonisba Anguissola Essay

**My topic is about the artist SOFONISBA ANGUISSOLA**

Think about why your viewers might be interested in your topic. In what ways might they make connections with your exhibition topic? To develop your exhibition, you will want to give a full explanation of your topic and its significance. This might include an examination of the artist’s subject matter, style, or choice of media; information on how the topic has been treated by other artists and how they compare or contrast with your artist’s exploration of the subject (include images), and historical context for understanding the artist and her work. This section should be about three pages in length, double-spaced. Submit by the end of week 7 to the provided area.


  • 3 Page introductory essay describing the significance of the exhibit for the field of art and art history.

Impacts of Cell Phones on People’s Lives discussion

I would like you to write a two pages proposal about this Topic

how cell phones have changes our lives

The style of the proposal should be same as the instruction on the attachment

Use easy language and vocabulary.

if you could not open the attachment let me please know

Memo Work Place Automation and Organizational Impacts

we will discuss the details

  1. Choose three (3) of the Stakeholder Groups from your Memo Draft
  2. Now, choose 3 of the top impacts per group.
  3. Explain specifically what is involved regarding the impact – remember I LOVE DETAILS!
  4. Explain why you chose the impacts, and why you consider them to be most important. Be sure to share your knowledge from previous situations / experiences or readings.
  5. Make sure, when you write this up – that it IS NOT A BRAIN DUMP, but rather a well-thought out and WELL-WRITTEN SUMMARY.

PHI103 Ashford Week 1 Effects Of Social Media On Today’s World

This final writing assignment allows you to present an analysis of the best reasoning on each side of your issue. In the process, you will get to demonstrate some of the key skills you have learned during this course. In particular, you will demonstrate the ability to create high-quality arguments on both sides of an issue, to support your reasoning with scholarly sources, and to provide a fair analysis of the strength of the reasoning on each side. For an example of how to complete this paper, take a look at the Week Five Example paper.

Your paper must include the following sections, clearly labeled:

  • Introduction
    • Introduce readers to your topic; include a brief preview of what you will accomplish in this paper. (approximately 150 words)
  • First Argument
    • Present the best argument on one side of the issue. (approximately 150 words)
      • Express your argument in standard form, with the premises listed one by one above the conclusion.
  • Defense for First Argument
    • Support the first argument as well as you can, using academic sources to demonstrate the truth of key premises. You may also choose to clarify the meaning of key premises and to explain how your reasoning supports the conclusion (approximately 250 words).
  • Opposing Argument
    • Present the best argument on the other side of the issue (approximately 150 words).
      • Express your argument in standard form.
  • Defense of Opposing Argument
    • Support the opposing argument as well as you can, using academic sources to demonstrate the truth of key premises. You are welcome as well to clarify the meaning of premises and/or to explain the reasoning further (approximately 250 words).
  • Analysis of the Reasoning (approximately 350 words)
    • Evaluate the quality of each argument, addressing whether key premises are true and whether the conclusion logically follows from them.
    • Analyze arguments for any fallacies committed or for any biases that may influence either side. Do you feel that one argument makes a much stronger case than the other and why? (There is no need to “take sides,” only to assess the quality of the arguments.)
    • Support your analysis with scholarly sources.
  • Conclusion (approximately 150 words)
    • Provide a brief conclusion and summary of your issue and how it can best be addressed by critical thinkers.

    The Analyzing Reasoning on Both Sides paper

Business Ethics: Across North America – Walmart Mexico case study paper

Topic: Business Ethics: Across North America

This is the fourth part(Case Studies) of group paper. My part is write “An Unethical company of Mexico – Walmart”.

An Unethical company of Mexico – Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest retail company. Walmart stores are located all over the world. Walmart Mexico is Walmart’s largest overseas branch. In September 2005, Walmart’s senior lawyer received an email stating that Walmart Mexico had carefully planned a bribe to dominate the market. After the investigation, the investigators found a large amount of expenditure documents, and found that Walmart Mexico executives not only knew about these expenses, but also took measures to hide the matter from Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. This bribery is against corporate ethics.

Please refer to the information according to this paragraph and complete case study.

The attachment below is our introduction, theories and Conceptual Framework. Please read attachment first.

Food Insecurity in Fresno County

at least 5 page paper


12 point font double spaced

Use at least 5 credible references

work cited page

Automating Sales and Inventory

As the new manager of a convenience store, you have noticed issues with the manual method of tracking sales using paper sales tickets and spreadsheets, as well as, shortages on some of the more popular items carried in the store.

Present your case for upgrading to a database driven solution for tracking sales and inventory to the store owners. They are concerned about the cost and want to know what this upgrade would entail.

Include the following:

  • How a system could improve efficiency
  • How a system could improve accuracy
  • How sales of individual items would be entered
  • How the database would store the data compared to the current spreadsheet method
  • How monitoring of inventory levels based on sales using the database would work

Choose one of the following presentation deliverables:

  • An 8- to 10-narrated slide presentation, with appropriate graphics
  • A written business proposal (approximately two pages)