A company decides to offer a monetary incentive for employees who log a specified number of hours spent exercising in an attempt to improve employee health.

A company decides to offer a monetary incentive for employees who log a specified number of hours spent exercising in an attempt to improve employee health. The average health score (higher = better) of the 75 employees who logged enough hours was 87. The mean health score for all employees (population) was 85, with a population standard deviation of 6.5. 10 Calculate the standard error of the mean. 11) Conduct the z-test. Show your work (use at least two decimal places throughout). What is the 20m score? 12) Write your conclusion using complete sentences in APA format. Don’t forget to include the statistical statement and whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. 

Depression – Public Health Issue

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List three evidence-based facts about the public health issue Depression and three evidence based facts about the public health issue Obesity.

Include a proper citation for each fact.

Make sure you are using reliable and scholarly sources  that are from the United States for each citation.

Mental Health issues currently affect a large number of people within the communities in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Mental Health issues currently affect a large number of people within the communities in Jacksonville, Florida.  How could research help address this issue? How would you go about obtaining more data on this health-related issue.

Explore the practical application of how to create a plan to obtain data on a health-related topic, specifically in Jacksonville, Florida.

Please respond in the first person, share personal experiences, and ask questions to further develop your understanding of how evidence-based practice can affect health-related issues at the community level.

You may find the following resources helpful as you prepare to respond to this week’s discussion:

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) – National and state data sets as well as statistic reports. Information about ordering data sets that cannot be downloaded.

CDC Data and Statistics page – much more than NCHS

CDC WONDER – WONDER provides a single point of access to a wide variety of reports and numeric public health data.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – Data and Surveys

Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) – Data dictionaries, documentation, and request forms. No searchable data online.

U.S. Census Bureau, Current census data including information broken down by state, city, and region.

WHOSIS — WHO Statistical Information System

Disaster Plans

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Identify a long-term health care facility in Orange Park, Florida. What type of disaster plan should this long-term health care facility have in place? What are three specific events that a Health Information Management professional should prepare to prevent? How does the geographic location of your organization along with other geographic statistics impact the disaster plan\’s design.

Implementing Premium Employee Incentives to attract more applicants and retain them once they\’re hired.

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Implementing Premium Employee Incentives to attract more applicants and retain them once they\’re hired.

create a persuasive presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint (must be PowerPoint format only) on their approved HR topic. The presentation should seek to persuade someone the value or importance of the HR topic. The student should assume the role of an HR consultant and put together the presentation in a way so as to try to convince executive team members (i.e. Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, etc.) as to the importance of the topic and the reasons the topic should be implemented or embraced in an organization. Slide shows should be 6-10 slides long (not counting any intro slides, summary slides, or slides asking for questions). APA citations and sources are not required for this assignment.

At a minimum slide shows should include the following:

§  Slide introducing the speaker (the student).

§  Slide(s) introducing and explaining the basics of the topic, i.e. what problem is the organization experiencing, what are you recommending, why do we need to do it, what problems does it solve, what are the alternatives, etc.

§  Slide(s) containing 2-3 pros of implementing or embracing the importance of the topic or method the student recommends.

§  Slide(s) at least 1 con of implementing or embracing the topic or method (no matter how good or how ethical or how morally correct the suggestion is there are always cons to implementing new ideas and it is best to address them early!), along with a suggested way for an organization to overcome, or at least minimize, the impact of the con. This should not be a con of the situation itself (you\’ve already decided that situation was not ideal), instead it should be a con to what you are recommending.

§  Slide(s) that explain how an organization could or should implement or embrace the recommendation. What it would look like in practice in an organization.

§  A conclusion slide which includes a \’call to action\’ for an organization. In other words, this slide should wrap up your presentation and ask the organization to accept your recommendations.


Health Data

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From electronic health records (EHRs) to telemedicine, the use of information technology is rapidly expanding. Discuss how individuals, professionals, and organizations use health information. How can health information improve the provision of quality? Finally, after conducting research, discuss the possible future of information technology in health care.

  • Title page
  • Introduction
    • Discuss the importance of health information.
    • Discuss how individuals, professionals, and organizations use health information.
    • Discuss how health information may improve the provision of quality.
    • Discuss the possible future of information technology.
  • Conclusion
  • References


The assignment should meet all APA standards, be grammatically correct, include appropriate and consistent research citation and documentation, include appropriate graphics to display data and the results of analysis, and use visual materials to support presentation of the overall document. Each section is to be a minimum of 2 pages. The assignment should include a separate title page and reference page.

References are to be scholarly peer-reviewed resources only, with a minimum of four references.

Licensure Regulations

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Locate the licensure regulations for Florida. What are the provisions for the content of a health record? What are the rules regarding the timeliness of completion of a record? Locate any state laws regarding health information or medical records for Florida. Are there retention statues? Are there references to the costs of providing copies of medical records? Share your thoughts on whether you feel these are quite liberal or too strict.

Community Health Assessment

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Write a 3-5 page paper (excluding title and reference pages).

Visit the Christian Hospital website and choose a health concern issue relevant to your community in Jacksonville, Florida. After choosing one, take the health risk assessment related to it. Briefly report findings and recommendations for improving your health. Then using that same health concern, discuss how you might conduct a community health assessment. Answer the following questions:

  • How would you engage stakeholders?
  • How would you gather data on that health concern?
  • How would you implement community health interventions based on that information?
  • How would you evaluate results?
  • How would you communicate the results to stakeholders?

Use at least 2-3 examples in your work. Please have an introduction and conclusion to your paper. Use at least four scholarly sources to support your research, assertions and opinions. Must have matching citations in your work to each source.

Evaluating A Community Health Assessment

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At the end of every community health assessment, you will evaluate results. Results can be evaluated using various methods. Here are two evaluation methods in this attached link that are recommended by the CDC:

After reviewing various methods, compare and contrast impact and outcome evaluations, and then discuss three reasons why people evaluate their results.

Social Policy

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In Portugal, employers are not allowed to terminate employees. In Japan, employers are required to measure the waistlines of their employees, and anyone whose waist exceeds the allowed size is put on a diet by their employer. Full-time employees in France are guaranteed 5 weeks of vacation. India raised the age of employment to 18. These are just a few examples of how the policies and laws of the land play a significant role in the health of a nation. Employment law is just one example of how social laws impact health.

Pick any country other than the United States and review social laws in that nation. Provide a brief overview of their rules and how those rules may influence their citizens’ health. Use evidence to support your position. Include proper citations.

Do not include insurance or medical provision as part of your analysis; the focus this week is on social policy.