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Comrade Comrade is a free browser that is responsible for sending free relevant to the user. Comrade assists to get a brand recommendation based on the recent activity in the browser. When you are browsing the extension is responsible for sending all the relevant information. the extension filters and send the most relevant and worthy […]

ARTH 478 UMUC Sofonisba Anguissola Essay

**My topic is about the artist SOFONISBA ANGUISSOLA** Think about why your viewers might be interested in your topic. In what ways might they make connections with your exhibition topic? To develop your exhibition, you will want to give a full explanation of your topic and its significance. This might include an examination of the […]

Impacts of Cell Phones on People’s Lives discussion

I would like you to write a two pages proposal about this Topic how cell phones have changes our lives The style of the proposal should be same as the instruction on the attachment Use easy language and vocabulary. if you could not open the attachment let me please know

Memo Work Place Automation and Organizational Impacts

we will discuss the details Choose three (3) of the Stakeholder Groups from your Memo Draft Now, choose 3 of the top impacts per group. Explain specifically what is involved regarding the impact – remember I LOVE DETAILS! Explain why you chose the impacts, and why you consider them to be most important. Be sure […]

PHI103 Ashford Week 1 Effects Of Social Media On Today’s World

This final writing assignment allows you to present an analysis of the best reasoning on each side of your issue. In the process, you will get to demonstrate some of the key skills you have learned during this course. In particular, you will demonstrate the ability to create high-quality arguments on both sides of an […]

Business Ethics: Across North America – Walmart Mexico case study paper

Topic: Business Ethics: Across North America This is the fourth part(Case Studies) of group paper. My part is write “An Unethical company of Mexico – Walmart”. An Unethical company of Mexico – Walmart Walmart is the world’s largest retail company. Walmart stores are located all over the world. Walmart Mexico is Walmart’s largest overseas branch. […]

Automating Sales and Inventory

As the new manager of a convenience store, you have noticed issues with the manual method of tracking sales using paper sales tickets and spreadsheets, as well as, shortages on some of the more popular items carried in the store. Present your case for upgrading to a database driven solution for tracking sales and inventory […]