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The Annunciation

Hi kristak,

For this assignment i need to to compare two works. the assignment is divide in 3 part. for this part i needs to introduce my choice. I attached 2 files the first one the assignment and the second one is just the example how the paper suppose to look like. ;

thank you.

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The Annunciation by Simone Martini

Artist’s Name: Simone Martini

Title: The Annunciation

Style movement: Medieval Gothic

Date: c. 1333

Location: Uffizi Art Gallery

Origin: Italy

Illustration from <em>The Divine Comedy</em> by Gustave Doré (c. 1857)

Author’s Name: Dante Alighieri

Title: The Divine Comedy

Format: Epic poem

Date: c. 1320

Origin: Italy

Jane Doe

FAS 201: Introduction to the Humanities

Southern New Hampshire University

August 1, 2015

For the final project I will compare two works of art and consider how a theme they both share finds expression in contemporary ideas and events. The visual work of art is by Simone Martini and is titled The Annunciation. Martini’s Annunciation was painted in approximately 1333 in Italy and represents a Medieval Gothic painting style. The literary artwork I will consider is The Divine Comedy, an epic poem penned by the Italian author Dante Aligheiri in 1320. I will compare the themes and tone of the works of art, as well as the experiences and attitudes of the main “characters” of each, the Virgin Mary and Dante. I will connect these commonalities to the contemporary experience of believers, in particular those who have their faith challenged by secular ideas, scientific theories, and other world events.

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