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Please help me fix these slides

Instructor notes

Ok I have reviewed your slides, Deborah. I apologize for the time it took, with my move and the time difference it proved difficult. Anyway, I think that both the topics, Packaging and Quality can be reduced to one slide each. In the slides that you created for packaging you repeated a lot of the same information. Please condense to one slide. For example You spoke of assessing needs of customers, you can condense that with assessing wants which you used another bullet for. I liked that you said the packaging needs to be functional, I think you should provide a small example of functional packaging. Also liked that you spoke about the packaging being able to “sell” the product, please provide and example of that so that our audience understands. There was good information in this section I just think it was repeated and due to that it can be shortened to only one slide. 

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The same goes for the quality section, some information was repeated. I think this section should focus more on the quality of the product and how it is ensured, with examples of how it can be ensured (maybe talk about quality assurance teams). Also, you have a few bullets that are not key points (such as “This will keep customers flowing back for more”), please only make bullets for key points as we can reserve statements like that for a conclusion slide later on. I would like to see more said about the importance of quality in a product, because as we know consumers expect quality in the products they purchase. I would like to see this section reduced to one slide as well. 

I think overall you are on a good track for your assigned slides. Let me know if you need help or if you have any input for me, thanks. I would like everyone to be done with their slides by the 10th so that we can iron and review them before the due date.

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