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Google: searching for value

please read this book new_google_case.pdf  and then answer inword document  2000 words, make sure you have at least 2 references, citations, APA style.

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Discussion Questions 

1. What are the top things you look for in a potential job offer? 

2. What do you think about Google as a work place? Would you work there? 

3. How does the workplace environment benefit or distract the employees’ focus and 


4. Do Google’s benefits and perks attract employees more than the other traditional 


5. Assume that you are working with Google and you are paid a salary of $70K per year. The 

industry average for your profession is $75K per year. You are offered a position with a 

competitor company who is willing to pay you $85K per year, but without perks. Would 

you prefer to stay with Google or accept the new offer? 

6. What else would employees expect from Google? 

7. What can Google do to counter recessionary times and still retain their corporate culture and 

employee loyalty? Develop creative strategies that save the firm money; yet retain the 

innovative spirit of the firm. 

8. As a result of the recession, if Google decides to charge a modest fee for services like 

company carwashes, child care, medical services, or laundry services, would you still want 

to work for Google? Which services would you prefer to be cut? Are there other options? 

 Answer all those questions in a 2000 words, word document, at least 2 references, citations, APA style

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