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Your local library is voting to ban all controversial books

Get college assignment help at Smashing Essays Question Your local library is voting to ban all controversial books and films, including Huckleberry Finn, American Psycho, and A Clockwork Orange. With reference to specific passages from these and/or other texts we’ve discussed this semester, explain to the library board why they should or should not institute this policy. Make sure to present them with both a broad history of literary controversy and specific details about the periods in question. Help them understand the nature of controversy—what we argue about and why—so that they can make an informed decision about how to vote.

Question Please complete all the requirements of the coursework as given on the

Please complete all the requirements of the coursework as given on the document. Write a 3000 words report with all the relevant calculations on a single Microsoft word document. Turnitin percentage should be less than 15%.

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Question A celebrity patient is admitted to the hospital. Your friend Jennifer is

A celebrity patient is admitted to the hospital. Your friend Jennifer is a nurse on the floor where the male celebrity patient is staying. All of the nurses are going out of their way to work on that floor. The patient’s records and privacy must be treated like those of any other patient. The hospital has strict protocol, and only the nurses and staff involved in his care and treatment are permitted to work that floor and interact with that patient.Jennifer has always been a big fan of the celebrity. The next time she is working her shift, she takes him his dinner. When she enters the room, he is sleeping. He is hooked up to an IV and standard monitoring machines. He is also bandaged due to his wounds from a car accident. He looks pretty beat up but is recovering nicely. Jennifer decides to take a picture with her personal cell phone that she snuck in. This is for her personal use. She does not intend to sell, post, or distribute the picture in any way.After she takes the picture, she heads back to the nurses’ station, and she and the other nurses gather around the computer. She glimpses what looks like the celebrity’s medical records, but she is not sure. She does know that some of those nurses do not work on her floor and are not, therefore, authorized to view the records. She also remembers there was a note on the celebrity’s chart about an error on the medical history, but she knew the day shift would address it. She wraps up her shift and heads home.She decides to stop at her local diner and have a late night coffee and snack. When she walks in, she sees the local diner is packed with entertainment reporters hanging out to get the scoop on the celebrity’s condition. She giggles to herself as she quietly drinks her coffee since she is involved in treating him, and no one there knows.She pays for her coffee and snack and leaves the diner. The next day, she is getting ready for her noon shift and turns on the television. She is startled to see an update on the news about the celebrity and HER cell phone picture splashed on the TV. There are also private details about his injuries and medical records in the news story. When she goes to grab her phone from her purse, her stomach sinks when she finds her phone is gone. She must have left it at the diner by accident, and someone there picked it up and distributed her private photo.When she goes to work, the hospital administrator is outraged and threatening to fire anyone involved in this violation. A full investigation is launched.The celebrity is discharged within a week, and Jennifer thinks this horrible incident is behind her. The next month, she receives a summons for a lawsuit. The celebrity is suing her for distribution of the picture. The image was traced back to her cell phone, and he is alleging her photo of him while incapacitated has damaged his career because his attractive appearance is a large part of his brand. He is also suing her for defamation since the medical information given to the public was false. Jennifer is panic-stricken.She goes into work to try to get her life back to normal and is immediately escorted to the administrator’s office. She is told she is fired for violating the hospital’s patient privacy regulations and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act law. She is told that since she violated policy by distributing private medical details of a patient to the public, the hospital will not defend her in any civil lawsuit. Jennifer instantly tries to explain she had nothing to do with the leaking of information or distributing the photo, but the administrator will not listen. She is escorted out of the building.In this assignment, you will describe the following issues:the legal obligation healthcare providers have to protect private health information and to maintain accurate medical records including information regarding the purpose of maintaining correct information within medical records and who is charged with ownership of medical records,the celebrity patient’s legal argument surrounding the release of his private health information and the inaccuracy of the information released, anda legal defense of Jennifer, who is being accused of mismanaging health information. Your defense should be based on legal theory and not just your opinion or feeling.In order to respond to this case study, you will need to research at least two legal cases that demonstrate both the patient’s and the provider’s privacy rights and obligations regarding medical records and private health information. Briefly explain the issues of the two cases you cite, and describe their outcomes. How do the cases relate to the above scenario? Do you agree with the court’s decisions in the two cases? Why, or why not?Your response should consist of at least two pages. Be sure to use proper APA formatting, citations, and references in your response to this assignment. You must use at least three outside sources as references for this assignment.

Select a local government within your state to analyze. You may select

Select a local government within your state to analyze. You may select either an urban, suburban, or rural government to review. This must be an actual place, with a name, not just a concept.Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation addressing the following:Include speaker notes to provide more in-depth information.Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Explain the Economic Environment in the country JAPAN in the

Question Explain the Economic Environment in the country JAPAN in the present day: (2018-2019)  Economic System ·        Capitalist system or centrally planned economy?·        What is the role of the government in the economy?National Wealth·        Gross Domestic Product (GDP)·        GDP growth and GDP per capita·        Distribution of wealthOther Macroeconomic Fundamentals ·        Inflation·        Exchange Rate and interest rates·        Unemployment rate Industrial Structure ·        Relative importance of agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors in the economy·        Principal industriesInternational Trade ·        Principal Exports·        Principal Imports·        Foreign investment  


Question HELP ME ON THIS TAX RETURNPLEASE CALCULATE REBA TAX RETURN FOR 2018. THESE ARE ALL THE INFORMATION GIVEN TO ME.Reba Dixon is a fifth-grade school teacher who earned a salary of $38,000 in 2018. She is 45 years old and has been divorced for four years. She received $1,200 of alimony payments each month from her former husband.     Reba and her daughter Heather (20 years old at the end of the year) moved to Georgia in January of  2018. Reba provides more than one-half of Heather’s support. They had been living in Colorado for the past 15 years, but ever since her divorce, Reba has been wanting to move back to Georgia to be closer to her family. Luckily, a teaching position opened up and Reba and Heather decided to make the move. Reba paid a moving company $2,010 to move their personal belongings, and she and Heather spent two days driving the 1,426 miles to Georgia. During the trip, Reba paid $143 for lodging and $85 for meals. Reba’s mother was so excited to have her daughter and granddaughter move back to Georgia that she gave Reba $3,000 to help out with the moving costs.     Reba rented a home in Georgia. Heather decided to continue living at home with her mom, but she started attending school full-time in January, 2018 at a nearby university. She was awarded a $3,000 partial tuition scholarship this year, and Reba helped out by paying the remaining $500 tuition cost. If possible, Reba thought it would be best to claim the education credit for these expenses.     Reba wasn’t sure if she would have enough items to help her benefit from itemizing on her tax return. Reba paid $2,800 in state income taxes and $6,500 in charitable contributions during the year. She also paid the following medical-related expenses for her and Heather:      Insurance premiums$4,795   Medical care expenses 1,100   Prescription medicine 350   Nonprescription medicine 100   New contact lenses for Heather 200      A few years ago, Reba acquired several investments with her portion of the divorce settlement. This year she reported the following income from her investments: $2,200 of interest income from corporate bonds and $1,500 interest income from City of Denver municipal bonds. Overall, Reba’s stock portfolio appreciated by $12,000 but she did not sell any of her stocks.     Reba had $10,000 of federal income taxes withheld by her employer.

Design of a low carbon building

I have wrote on the file linked what I think is relevant to discuss my topic. I will be writing myself the case study and the results linked to the case study, the chapter highlighted in yellow.I am of course aware that the proposed plan can be changed during the writing process. I’m expecting to get the background chapter, the methods chapter and a part of the result chapter in the paper you will be writing

Answer the following bullet points on Japanese Culture: Cultural Characteristics

Question Answer the following bullet points on Japanese Culture:  Cultural Characteristics in JAPAN ·        Objective culture ·        Subjective culture  Social Structure in JAPAN ·        Population distribution by different racial and ethnic groups·        Social classes Work-Related Values (G.H. Hofstede) in JAPAN ·        Power Distance·        Uncertainty Avoidance·        Individualism versus Collectivism·        Masculinity versus Femininity·        Long-term orientation

What economic and profitability considerations might benefit a firm in

Question What economic and profitability considerations might benefit a firm in the global market?

6. John and Mary are in their 50s, married, and

Question 6. John and Mary are in their 50s, married, and have no children. They have salaries of a total of $100,000 with 18,000 in Federal withholding. They have the following other items of note:Interest from Bank of Texas                                                   10,000Qualifying dividends                                                                3,000Non-qualifying dividends                                                         2,000Sales of the following securities: Stock:Blue Bought 01/01/85 Sold02/01/17 Sales Price3000 Cost2000 Amber 01/01/17 02/01/17 15000 14000 Green 01/01/85 02/01/17 12000 8000 Red 01/01/85 02/01/17 3000 4000 Purple 01/01/17 02/01/17 5000 2000 What are their net long term capital gains or losses?What are their net short term capital gains or losses?Compute their adjusted gross income.Compute their taxable income.Compute their tax due or refund.

Question Do you have someone who can specialise in sport science in particular

Get college assignment help at Smashing Essays Do you have someone who can specialise in sport science in particular my dissertation title is,An investigation into the psychophysical and psychophysiological effects of music on adult athlete performanceThis has to be a systematic review using the PRISMA guidelines for the methodology and resultsPlease work in the “450396_draft_2” file and finish the order. Synthesize the results, analyse the content obtained both via search (the articles from the table in Appendices) as well as LR (additional sources to be reviewed, there should be at least 50 sources used in the work and referenced in the bibliography. Compare the data from Results (from those article from Appendices) and new literature or sources from Introduction.

PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS ONE10. Married Couple and 2

Question PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS ONE10.  Married Couple and 2 children 16 and 17 />Husband earns                       $75,000 (and withholds tax of $10,000)Wife earns teaching               $45,000 (and withholds tax of $6,000)In the summer, the wife runs a summer camp program and has the following items:Income                                   $12,000Expenses:Marketing                  1,500Contract labor            2,500Equipment                 14,000 (bought in May and used 100% in business)Contract labor            2,000Interest Income CDS 3,000Mortgage Interest      10,000Property Taxes            5,000Medical                      14,000Business expense       2,000 (Non-Reimbursed husband job)They will file married filing jointly.  Take only MACRS depreciation on the equipment but do not elect to expense under 179. Please show your work.                  Compute their business income.Compute their adjusted gross income.Compute their itemized deductions.Compute their taxable income.Compute their tax liability.

11. Sam is single, 30, and has no children. He

Question 11. Sam is single, 30, and has no children. He made a salary of $250,000 with $40,000 in Federal withholding. He has the following items:Medical                                                                                     8,000Mortgage interest                                                                      5,000Credit card interest                                                                   2,000Property tax                                                                              2,500Sales tax                                                                                    1,500State income tax withheld                                                      22,000Charitable contributions                                                           1,000Tax return preparation fee                                                           500Please show your work.Compute the adjusted gross income.Compute the itemized deductions before any limitations.Compute the itemized deductions after any limitations.Compute the taxable income.Compute the tax liability.Is he subject to alternative minimum tax? Why or why not?Compute his tax refund or tax due.

I need help with COS lab report coastal hypoxia. I

Question I need help with COS lab report coastal hypoxia. I don’t understand what to put in the materials and methods section. I would also like to see a sample lab report since I have never written one.

Could you please help me with this question. “The Fed

Question Could you please help me with this question. “The Fed is trimming its huge balance sheet – $3.3 trillion as of June 5, 2019 – while still maintaining an extraordinarily large amount of bank’s reserves: $1.4 trillion of funds that banks are ready to lend to businesses and households and that’s what the banks are doing. Their lending to households accelerated in the course of April at an annual rate of 6%. The doomsayers should note that easy credit and strong labor markets have kept the U.S household spending (about 70% of GDP) growing at an annual rate of 2.8% during the first four months of this year. That’s an acceleration from the pace in the previous months, when consumer outlays are traditionally high as a result of year-end holidays.”Based on the above actual facts, assume the USA economy is about $20 trillion and consumption is roughly 70% of GDP, which is roughly equivalent to the available lending capacity of the banking system and assume that total commercial bank deposit in the USA is $12.7 trillion. cCalculate how much the USA banking system can expand credit by?

The impact of an agile environment on project management and leadership.

Each student will prepare a research paper discussing, in-depth, a subject related to one of the topics covered in the course. The paper should be from 2,000 to 3,000 words in length (8-12 pages) and contain a separate title or cover page and separate pages for the list of reference sources. The paper is expected to be authoritative and based on at least 10 high-quality sources (i.e., no Wikipedia, newspaper, or web page citations allowed). Use the UMUC library to find a relevant journal or respected trade publication articles for your report. The majority of reference sources should be from recent publications no older than five years. Follow the APA format (6th ed.) for the paper and for all citations, figures, tables, and the list of references. You may include in your paper any of the articles assigned as readings, as well as any other reference sources encountered during the course. The style and content appropriate for an academic literature review can be seen in most scholarly journals found in peer-reviewed literature. Most articles will contain a section called, Literature Review. Look over a few to get a feel for the general style of writing expected. The report should exhibit graduate-level writing, in terms of grammar, punctuation, format, quality of analysis, coherence, insight, logical flow, and reasoning. The paper is NOT an essay, how-to, or opinion piece, it is to be a research report based fully on facts and data derived from appropriate sources in the literature. Provide a reference citation for EVERY statement of fact you include in your paper. Do NOT string together direct quotes from reference sources to create a narrative in the report. More than three quotes within the paper will be too many. Write in your own words and include quote marks for ALL material copied from other sources. Remember, a literature review tells what other experts and researchers have discovered, NOT what you know or think. Save your own opinions about what all the facts mean for the conclusion of the review.Literature Review Individual Paper Assignment Criteria: Write a review of the literature that describes the findings of other researchers related to a specific topic in the Project Management field. The objective of the research paper is to enable you to conduct independent academic research in an area directly related to the course subject matter. Your efforts will generate a high-quality written report summarizing the results of your research into the current scholarly and relevant trade literature related to your chosen topic.

Question 1. Assess and include transcultural beliefs including language, religious practices, socioeconomic status,

1. Assess and include transcultural beliefs including language, religious practices, socioeconomic status, end-of-life practices, dietary preferences, risky behaviors 2. Identify healthcare behaviors (i.e. nontraditional therapies) 3. Identify challenges and barriers to healthcare and outcomes related to these challenges 4. Develop an evidence-based plan that can be used to improve healthcare outcomes and access to healthcare (including use of IT systems, interdisciplinary members, etc.) for your selected culture. Provide supporting data from peer-reviewed articles. Minimum of 3 references within 5 years

Question I would like to have a paper discussing Social Issue in Humanitarian

I would like to have a paper discussing Social Issue in Humanitarian Aid.

Question For the purpose of the exposition of financial management techniques, the assumed

For the purpose of the exposition of financial management techniques, the assumed single objective of a registered company is often taken to be the maximisation of shareholders’ wealth.Required:Explain using examples what is meant by a “registered company”.Who are shareholders and why and how should a registered company attempt to maximise their wealth?Explain why and how registered companies may have objectives other than the maximisation of shareholders’ wealth.Discuss, using relevant examples and theory how managers’ (directors’) objectives might differ from those of the shareholders, especially if managers are not closely monitored.Explain three ways in which the problems associated with agency theory can be overcome.

What special advice is given to a male or female

Question  What special advice is given to a male or female patient receiving Gout prescription medications?

Reggie knows how to make 5 different entrees, 4 different

Question Reggie knows how to make 5 different entrees, 4 different side dishes, and 6 different desserts. How many distinct complete meals, each consisting of an entree, a side dish, and a dessert, can Reggie make?

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