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Write and accounting ethics paper.

Write a accounting ethics paper. Read instructions below. (15 to 20 pages)

Please No Plagiarism or Verbatim

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Each student must submit a term paper based on a topic of his/her choice, which is closely related to ethics in accounting. The term paper is to be solely the work of each student and not have been submitted for any other class. Each student will submit his/her term paper to both AND to the appropriate assignment folder in the LEO Gradebook. The submissions are to be done no later than the due date listed in the Course Schedule below. Only one submission to will be permitted, so be sure you submit the final version.

The paper is to be 15-20 pages long, not including the title page, reference list, or any appendices. Follow all APA style guidelines, including those for in-text citations. Use 12 point Arial font with 1 inch margins on all four sides. Use only primary or scholarly secondary sources (note: Wikipedia is neither a primary nor scholarly secondary source). Be sure that the areas covered in the paper include a title page, introduction, problem statement, history of the issues, recommended solutions, conclusion, and reference list. Do not include an abstract. Any pictures, tables, figures, etc. should be included in an appendix, not in the body of the paper

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