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Wireless Communications and Wireless Data Transmission – Case Study

The organization you work for has leased a building next door to the existing building. The local area networks in the new building and the existing building must be linked to each other. The distance is 657 feet. Here is the relationship of the two buildings.

Notice that the blue dashed line showing the route of the link crosses a parking lot not under your control. It also crosses a public street. Both buildings are two stories tall. From the second floor or the roof of each building there is a clear line of sight above the expected height of any vegetation currently in the area.

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You have been assigned the task of determining the available wireless methods that could be used to connect the buildings to each other and presenting these options to the executive team. The executive team consists of the CEO, the CFO, and the managers of the five business units. They will need to know the following about each option in terms that nontechnical staff can readily understand:


  • The way the method transmits data back and forth
  • The advantages of the method
  • The disadvantages of the method
  • The costs of the method
  • Whether the costs are classified as opex or capex
  • Whether any permits are required from the controlling jurisdiction
  • Whether there are any legal requirements that must be meet before deploying it
  • The inherent security of the method
  • Whether you recommend this method and why or why not

Your assignment it to prepare ;a concise powerpoint presentation ;that provides the executive team with all of the information they need to select the best method.


What I am looking for:

1. Answer to the above quesitons answered in at least 10 powerpoint slides.

2. ;Utilize the notes in the the Power Point to expain the details.

3. The recommendations and answers must not be too technical, they need to be easy for nontechnical audience to understand.


The purpose of this exercise is to give you experience in communicating technical issues to a nontechnical audience, researching options to solve a common network problem, and giving an organized, succinct, and captivating presentation.

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