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Week 3 quiz on management

1. The oldest social club in America is thought to be _______________. (Points : 1)

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  the Lawyers Club in New York City
  the Fish House in Philadelphia
  St. Andrews Golf Club
  The Friars Club

Question 2. 2. Casino gambling was authorized in New Jersey by the ____________. (Points : 1)

  Casino Control Act
  the New Jersey Revenue Enhancement Act
  the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Question 3. 3. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was a response to _____________. (Points : 1)

  Congress feeling they might lose control over tribal gaming
  the Civil Rights movement
  the expanding number of casinos on riverboats
  the teamsters union request to build more casinos

Question 4. 4. The gaming industry has grown from just two jurisdictions in 1976 to some form of legal gambling in all but ______ state(s). (Points : 1)

he Cas

The gaming entertainment is popular to the government due to _______________. (Points : 1)

  tax revenue
  new land development
  increasing jobs
  land use
ino Control Commission

Question 6. 6. By definition, social gamblers ____________. (Points : 1)

will by-pass all other amenities and spend all of their time on the casino floor

are interested in combining gambling with many other activities

are at a casino or gaming property for a convention


With country clubs, the type of membership that enables the use of all facilities all the time is a ___________. (Points : 1)

  full membership
  monthly membership
  social membership
  entitlement membership

Question 8. 8. On average, what percentage of total revenues do casino gaming companies pay in taxes? (Points : 1)

are generally visit

Question 9. 9. Bugsy Siegel was known for all of the following except ______________. (Points : 1)

  opening the Flamingo Hotel and Casino
  running murder for hire operations
  being close friends with J. Edgar Hoover
ing with a group of friends for

Question 10. 10. Founded in 1957, Dallas based ClubCorp is the world leader in delivering __________________. (Points : 1)

  fraternal club meals
  premier golf, private club, and resort experiences
  city club golf memberships
  athletic club meal plans

a weekend getaway

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