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Use wal-mart annual fiancial report for this assignment

Select an American corporation.( Wal-Mart)

Visit its website and download its financial statements. 

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Write a paper of no more than 1250 words in which you conduct a comparative and ratio analysis to measure profitability and liquidity.

Here is an outline you can follow.

  1. Introduction. Introduce your company, giving a very brief history of the company. Then state the purpose of the paper.
  2. Present the horizontal analysis of Net Sales. Tell what the results are and say what the results mean.
  3. Present the ratio analysis. Pick 2 liquidity ratios, one solvency ratio (I recommend the debt to assets ratio), and 3 profitability ratios. Be sure to define all of the terminology included in your calculations, and interpret your results.
  4. Conclusion. Based on your results, tell how you think your selected company’s performance was for the year. Use your ratios or Net Sales analyses to support your opinion.

Here is some additional guidance on ratio analysis.

For each ratio you compute, give a one-sentence interpretation of your results. For instance, if a company has a profit margin ratio of 6.7%, it means that Net Income is 6.7% of Net Sales.

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