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Tell Whether It’s True or False Based on the Situation

  1. True or false. If ;E ;and ;F ;are mutually exclusive, and ;E ;and ;G ;are mutually exclusive, then ;F ;and ;G ;are mutually exclusive.
  2. True or false. Suppose it is determined that the probability of obtaining heads in a coin- tossing experiment using a biased coin is 0.51, then the probability of obtaining tails in a toss of the coin is 0.49.
  3. True or false. Suppose ;S ;= {s1, ;s2, …, ;sn} is a finite sample space with ;n ;outcomes. Then 0 < ;P(s1) + ;P(s2) + … +P(sn) < 1.
  4. True or false. ;P(E) + ;P(Ec) = 1.
  5. True or false. ;P(Ec ; ∪ ;Fc) = 1 – ;P(E ; ;F)
  6. True or false. If ;A ;and ;B ;are events in an experiment and ;P(B) ; ;0, then 20140305033613equation.png
  7. True or false. 20140305033628equation1.png

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