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Technical Communication: Proposal Rough Draft – Safety at Workplace

 Safety at Workplace.docx; Safety at Worlplace 2.docx

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Assignment: Proposal Rough Draft Due

Safety at Workplace

Directions: Review the concepts you learned this week about how to effectively design the pages of your documents.  Spend some time evaluating how you should display the content for your proposal paper.

Remember to view the Technical Communications Rubric for grading criteria for the final draft.


A clear statement of purpose is identified.


The draft is organized and coherent; transitions create a logical flow.


Research is integrated throughout the paper.


Writing includes primary research and a discussion of his/her findings.


The writer integrates graphics to clarify the researcher’s data.


The content supports claims and generalizations.


The conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes the paper.


Reference page is in proper APA format; includes a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed sources with no more than one non-juried Internet site being used.


Paper meets page requirements of 10-12 pages and includes all required components (Transmittal letter, Title page, Table of Contents, and Informative Abstract).


Writing is free of errors in mechanics, usage, and sentence structure

Research Paper Requirement

A written Research Paper using APA format is a required component of this course. I strongly suggest that you begin work on the research paper early in the course and continue to work on it consistently throughout. To accomplish this, steps to completing the Research Paper have been placed throughout the Learning Plans and Assignments. 

Please take some time and visit the following website: Research & Writing. This website is full of valuable information to create your research paper, including:

  • a Writing Intensive Research Paper Rubric so you know in advance on what criteria your work will be graded,
  • a Student Checklist to help you stay on track throughout the quarter as you develop your Research Paper,
  • plus, the link, APA Information Tips, contains necessary information on the 6th edition of the APA Style Manual you are required to follow in your writing.

Each week throughout the quarter you will be learning content that will help you write your final paper in this course, a formal proposal paper.  The assignments for each week will build on each other and attribute to the final paper (except for LP2).  It is important to stay on top of your coursework to ensure you do not fall behind since each week’s assignment will be a piece of the final paper.  This is a writing-intensive course so be sure to review the requirements for the final paper.  You can find the rubric under the “Technical Communications Rubric” link under Course Information.

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