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Team Paper – UCC Analysis of Armstrong v. CGI

Please note I only need answer 2 questions – 450 words minimum

Please provide an answer for question 5 & 6  (use the questions chosen as section headers). 

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Each question needs to be answer separately 

Make sure you cite specific UCC sections from Article 2 in your responses (cite as “UCC Sect. 2-xxx”). Refer to the online UCC at 


5.Assume that Armstrong ships the first two parts of the press with no problem, but anticipates a significant delay for the third part. Knowing that GCI requires the press to be ready on July 1, Armstrong substitutes a newer and more expensive version of the final piece of the press by June 15. Has Armstrong breached the contract? When it is delivered, must GCI accept the final piece because it is newer and more expensive than the goods they had bargained for? 

6.In Question 5 above, if GCI accepts the replaced good, but one week later discovers that the new press component is incompatible with the first two components, may GCI still reject the goods despite the fact they have accepted them and one week’s time has passed? What UCC provision covers this situation?

Read the “Theory to Practice” toward the end of Chapter 8 of the text (above the Managers Challenge and below Key Terms). 

Refer to the online UCC at 

Choose one question for each team member minus one (the editor of this week’s paper) from the seven questions based on the scenario and respond to those questions (use the questions chosen as section headers). Make sure you cite specific UCC sections from Article 2 in your responses (cite as “UCC Sect. 2-xxx”).

Make sure you include an introduction and conclusion and adhere to APA paper guidelines. This is a formal paper with no word count requirements.

Theory to Practice

Bentley is a manager at a high-end printing company called Graphic Communications Inc. (GCI). GCI designs and produces posters and other materials for advertising purposes for a variety of clients, including a local symphony orchestra and Main Street University. After GCI received a large order from the university that required a special press, Bentley was assigned to locate a suitable press, negotiate the purchase terms, and arrange for delivery no later than July 1. Bentley negotiated a price with Armstrong Press Manufacturing for the Armstrong Model 2000 printing press. The press was sufficiently large as to require that it be delivered in three separate pieces, and then assembled on-site. One factor in choosing Armstrong as a vendor was that GCI had used Armstrong before for purchases of smaller presses and had been satisfied with their products and services. In those previous transactions, GCI had used their own standard preprinted purchase order, and no disputes developed. 

Once the parties agreed on price, Bentley issued a preprinted purchase order. The purchase order was one page long and had very few terms. It contained only the price, description of the press, the date of the purchase order, a provision that agreed that all three pieces of the press would be delivered and operational by July 1, and Bentley’s signature. After Armstrong received the purchase order, Armstrong’s manager handwrote the phrase “Acknowledged as a destination contract. To be delivered and assembled in three installments to GCI over the month of May” in the delivery section of the purchase order. Armstrong’s manager then signed the purchase order, faxed the purchase order back to Bentley, and began to process the order. Armstrong shipped the first part of the press using its own delivery service. Before delivery, the truck was involved in an accident, and the first part of the press was destroyed. 

This means that each person except the editor responds to a single question.

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