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Student two discussion

Student two discussion

This course has been a constant struggle for me. I have felt lost, frustrated, and down right dumb at times. I haven’t written any type of paper with a thesis since ninth grade science class. I have learned some new ;material ;and had some old information refreshed. Revising, thankfully, is something that I wasn’t too rusty on! Although my essay isn’t in great shape, I feel like my revising skills can greatly assist me.

;My essay needs a large amount of polishing. Apart from my grammar, there isn’t any part of it that doesn’t need revising. I have been trying my hardest to round out my thesis. I also worked hard on making my claim be specific and not too general. I am also working on taking quotes from my reading and paraphrasing them. Mostly, just making the essay well rounded and having a consistent voice are the things I have been focusing on revising the most.

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;For me, large-scale revision has been the process that I have utilized the most. I focused on my thesis statement and supporting my claim. This has helped me polish my overall message. Allowing my spouse to read my essay and point out any inconsistencies also has helped me in my revision process. Being patient with myself and being open to change and criticism has enabled me to work hard and be proud of my work and what I have learned.

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