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shot and edited 10 news stories

You are the 6pm nightly news producer of a television station in Troy, AL.  THIS IS NOT TROJAN VISION NEWS!  You are charged to stack tonight’s newscast in order of importance.  Your news staff has shot and edited 10 news stories today (see the stories below).  However, you have an extremely aggressive sales department that has oversold this newscast.  You will only be able to use seven of the stories listed below for tonight’s newscast at 6:00.

Your assignment is to tell me (on a typed sheet of paper) with which story (it can only be one) that you plan to lead the newscast…with which story (it can only be one) that you plan to end the newscast (the kicker story)…and which three stories you plan to eliminate.  You must explain why you are leading with that particular story…why you are using that particular story for your kicker…and why you are eliminating the three stories.  In addition, you must stack the rest of the newscast and tell me why you are using this particular story as number 2, number 3, etc.

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1.  Governor Robert Bentley and Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby are killed in an airplane crash.  They were traveling to Troy University to attend a baseball game.  You have video of the wrecked plane and an interview with Troy Chancellor Jack Hawkins.

2.  Two Troy University starting football players are arrested for possession of cocaine.  (You have pictures of the players being arrested by police and an interview with the football coach).

3.  Tickets go on sale today for a concert of The Eagles who will be performing at Troy University’s football stadium next month.  (You have pictures of the huge line of people waiting to buy tickets…fans have camped out over night to get tickets that sell out in one hour.  You have interviews with a fan who got a ticket and a crying fan who didn’t get one).

4.  Troy Regional Medical Center announces it will build a 17-million dollar cancer treatment wing so local patients will not have to travel to larger cities for treatment.  (You have pictures of designs of the new wing…pictures of the medical center and soundbites with a doctor and a local cancer patient).

5.  A mobile home fire in Troy kills a mother and her two young children.  (You have pictures of the home in flames and interviews with a witness and fire investigator).

6.  The Domino’s Pizza store in Troy announces it needs two new drivers to deliver pizzas.  (You have video of the pizza store and an interview with the store manager).

7.  The oldest living resident in Troy celebrates his 110th birthday today.  (You have pictures of his party and an interview with man on how he has been able to live such a long happy life).

8.  Two Troy University students are upset because they have been dismissed from school due to failing grades.  They were told they must earn a 2.0 GPA this semester or they will be dismissed.  They each earned a 1.55 GPA.  (You have pictures of the university…interviews with the students and a university administrator).

9.  The city of Troy announces plans to build a 45-million dollar shopping mall, making it the largest mall in Alabama.  (You have pictures of the designs of the mall and interviews with the mayor and two excited residents).

10.  Three Troy Elementary School children are suspended from school for three days after they were caught skipping school to go fishing at the Troy University lagoon.  (You have pictures of the boys being picked up by school authorities and an interview with the principal). 

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