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Short discussion, international financial management

Discuss how you will be applying the material you have learned in this class in your current or future career


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  1. Analyze the current trends and impact of globalization on international financial management.

  2. Assess the basic functioning of the current arrangements of flexible exchange systems that dominate the international monetary system and explain the impact on business operations.

  3. Interpret the balance of payments accounts, and summarize key information to support financial planning and the strategic management of international business.

  4. Analyze the foreign exchange markets to anticipate fluctuations, minimize the negative impact on international business operations, and identify financing opportunities.

  5. Assess the risks of foreign currency exposures and develop strategies to manage these risks.

  6. Evaluate the basic functioning of the international banking system and financial markets (money, bond, equity) and the techniques for using the markets to finance global operations.

  7. Develop financial strategies to support long-term financing of global operations that address portfolio investment, capital budgeting, and foreign direct investment decisions.

  8. Analyze short-term requirements and develop financial management strategies to finance trade and global operations.

  9. Use technology and information resources to research issues in international banking and finance.

  10. Write clearly and concisely about international banking and finance using proper writing mechanics. 

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