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short answer:Strategic Marketing Planning Process/Data Security

  • From the first e-Activity, compare this ranking report with the other resources that you have learned about so far in this class. Determine whether this report would or would not deter you from going into business in one of the lower-ranking countries. Support your position.
  • In regard to strategic planning, differentiate between the aspects of planning to export goods and planning to export services. In the instance where a company is creating a strategic plan to go global, determine the differences between a strategic plan for services and a strategic plan for products.
  • From the second e-Activity, describe the company (product, place, size) and data security issue that you researched. Analyze how this situation will positively or negatively affect buyer confidence globally. Provide evidence to support your position.
  • From the third e-Activity, analyze the negative ramifications of foreign tourists having their debit or credit card information stolen by U.S. workers. Determine if this situation has a carryover effect to our country’s brand image as a whole. Predict whether or not the general foreign consumer will think twice when shopping online to purchase goods from an American store. Provide evidence to support your decision.


Watch the video titled “Doing Business Report 2012” .

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  • Use the Internet to search for current events that deal with data security within companies. Select one of these events and research it further. Be prepared to discuss.

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