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Self and Peer Assesment Journal

You are charged with performing a self-assessment in the area of management skills. In addition, you are required to ask “three” peers to perform the assessment for you. Make sure you ask those who know about your management skills, and those who can give you honest feedback to conduct the peer-assessment.

After performing the both self- and peer-assessments, you need to write a 3-page (double spaced; 12-point Times New Roman font size; 1-inch margin on all sides) report. The primary purpose of the report is to understand the difference, if there is, between your own assessment and peers’ assessments. As a result, your report must at least address the following areas.

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  1. What are your strengths? How do you transform the strengths into managerial effectiveness?
  2. What are your weaknesses? Are these weaknesses barriers to managerial effectiveness? If yes, how do you overcome the weaknesses when leading?
  3. Your strengths from your peers’ perspective.
  4. Your weaknesses from your peers’ perspective.
  5. Is there any discrepancy between your own assessment and peer-assessments? If yes, discuss the discrepancy.
  6. Why do you think there is a discrepancy?
  7. What do you learn from your peers’ assessments?
  8. Future plans.

Where to find the self- and peer-assessments?
First, click on the “Notes and Handouts” tab. Next, you will see two files. One is labeled as “Personal Assessment of Management Skills (Self Version),” and the other one is labeled as “Personal Assessment of Management Skills (Peer Version).” The self version is designed for self-assessment, and the peer version is designed for peer-assessments.

How to calculate the scores?
Both of the self- and peer-version of assessments consist of 10 different skill areas (i.e., Developing Self-Awareness, Managing Personal Stress, Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively, Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively, Gaining Power and Influence, Motivating Others, Managing Conflict, Empowering and Delegating, Building Effective Teams and Teamwork, Leading Positive Change). Take the average of each of the skill areas. Then, compare the average between self-version and peer-version in each of the skill areas. Make sure you attach your self-assessment and three peer-assessments along with your journal submission that is due by midnight Thursday, August 28, 2014.

Formatting Requirements:

  1. 3 pages in length.
  2. Double spacing.
  3. 12-point Times New Roman.
  4. 1-inch margin on all sides.
  5. Page number (bottom centered).
  6. Indent paragraphs (no space between paragraphs).
  7. APA 6th edition references

Peer 1.pdf

Peer 2.pdf

Peer 3.pdf


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