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Review of the Literature Research Paper

Assignment 800 words

Individual Discussion: Prepare your Individual project

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Review of the Literature Research Paper

Craft an introduction to identify and describe the possible scope of your Review of Literature Research Paper. Identify what you want to achieve in terms of the key themes and trends you will research in the literature based on your SDLP goal statements (in the charts below):

Step 1: ; Strengths to Leverage

Step 2: ; Course Learning Goals

Step 3: ; Course Outcomes & Assessment

Strength 1

Good attitude and my wiliness to learn. When I started this course I did not know much about this topic but my wiliness to learn has been one of my biggest strength.

Personal I wanted to learn as much as I can about recruitment & selection. After taking this course I can safely say that I have learned and gained a lot. My goal was to understand the basic recruitment & selection concepts, understand various labor laws, and final how companies reward their employees. Yes all the above mentioned learning goals were meet.

I was very impressed with the course outcome. From the material used, to Dr. Vince and all the way to my fellow students everything was second to none. Although the assessments were a little bit hard, the workload was manageable. So in a nutshell personally, the course outcome was more or less what I expected.

Strength 2

Team Player (Skills)

Ability to use the KSAOs

My goal was to learn where as an individual I fit in the HR profession. I have learned that HR has many different departments covering different areas from employees’ benefits and all the way to dealing with government department as well and that needs a team player. I have also learned how companies can use the social network to attract and retain best talent, and I have learned the various methods of incentive pay and their impact on HR and the organization’s competitive strategies.

I am very happy with the course outcome and the knowledge I have gained by taking this course. I will always treasure this knowledge and I will put every bit of it to good use in my future endeavor. ; Personal I think this course has just made me an all-round manager because HR was the miss part of my management degrees. I am a very happy with the outcome. I have also learned how to identify appropriate activities that will lead to successful recruiting strategy within an organization.

Strength 3

Positive attitude and ability

to lead

My main goal was to learn how expatriates are recruited, compensated and the process involved in selecting a suitable the person. As a leader I have also learned how expatriates are settled in foreign countries as well as laws involved in settling expatriates. This course has really helped me to appreciate the role of HR when it comes to expatriates and their compensation.

I am very thankful for taking this course and the knowledge gained is of a life time. After this course I can safely say the outcome was very good as I said before I will say it again, the outcome was more or less what I expected from this course. After taking this course I am now able to tell and evaluate the different external assessment methods used by HR to hire talent, analyze an organization internal selection processes.

Areas to Develop

Step 1: ; Areas to develop

Step 2: ; Course Learning Goals

Step 3: ; Course Outcomes & Assessment

Area 1

Communication both within and outside the organization

Need to learn more about ERISA, COBRA and HJIPPA. Also my goal is to as HR manager to be a good communicator both in writing and oral. The ability to communicate properly as manager is very important and that is one thing I wanted to learn from this course and I did.

This course taught me that as a HR representative/ personal I need to improve on my communication and that is one area I will be working on. Overall the outcome of this course was very good; I personal enjoyed it although in some units the work load was too much. ;

Area 2

Weekly reading

Need to improve on my weekly reading schedule because I was behind during most of the time and trying to play catch –up was not cool. This course has taught me that as HR representative I will be reading constantly hence the need to improve on that. ;

Like what I always say in everything we do in life there is always room for improvement and in my case reading constantly is one area I need to work on. Otherwise the course outcome was good and it pin-pointed my short comes when it comes to reading.

Area 3

Ability to share my knowledge

The course has taught me as HR representative how to share my knowledge with others, it has also taught me the broader picture of HR which I was not aware of and I need to improve on those areas.

Wow what a well-developed course, I loved it.

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