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Report Functions, Strategies and Formats

Report Functions, Strategies, and Formats(Obj. 1)

Your Task.For the following reports,

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1.  name the report’s primary function (informational or analytical),

2.  recommend the direct or indirect strategy of development, and

3.  select a report format (memo or e-mail, letter, or manuscript).

a)  A proposal from a group of citizens to the federal government asking to designate several tracts of public lands as wilderness under the 1964 Wilderness Act.

b)  A report submitted by a sales rep to her manager describing her attendance at a consumer electronics trade show, including interviews with industry insiders and attendees.

c)  A yardstick report in the leisure industry put together by consultants who compare the potential of a future theme park at three different sites.

d)  A report prepared by an outside consultant reviewing proposed components of a virtual state library and recommending the launch of its initial components.

e)  A progress report from an intern at NASA’s Employee and Organizational Excellence Branch to her mentor and the management.

f)  A report from a national shipping company telling state authorities how it has improved its safety program so that its trucks now comply with state regulations. The report describes but doesn’t interpret the program.

Mary Ellen Guffey, Dana Loewy

Business Communication: Process and Product

8th Edition

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