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Relational Database Creation

Complete Case Analysis 4-21 in Ch. 4 of Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems.

( I attached the chapter, in the chapter there is the assignment -Case Analysis 4-21) I copied and pasted it- but there is an example with the case analysis that is in the chapter! 

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Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems 11e_Ch04 (2).pdf 

4-21. Furry Friends Foundation I (Creating a New Database from Scratch)

The Furry Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization that finds homes for abandoned

animals that are suitable for adoption. FFF began operations with a bequest from a wealthy

gentleman who lived his life taking care of stray animals and wanted to be sure that such

animals were looked after once he was gone. Although the amount the foundation started

with was sufficient to set up an office and begin operations, it depends upon continuing

donations to run daily operations.

FFF has been keeping its records on 4 × 6 cards. Over the years, the foundation has had

requests from contributors for year-end statements that document their donations to the

Foundation for tax purposes. (Usually, donations are given with a particular type of animal

in mind—for example, ‘‘for dogs.’’) Now that the number of contributors exceeds 500,

the president has decided to develop a database to handle the foundation’s accounting and

reporting needs. The following is a sample of some of the records at FFF.


1. Using Access or a similar relational database, create the tables needed to set up a

database for contributors, contributions, and animals.

2. What data field did you use for the primary record key of the FFF contributor table?

Why did you use it?

3. Using Access or similar software as required by your instructor, add yourself as a


4. Create relationships for the tables.

5. Document your work by printing hard copies of each table in datasheet view and the

relationships report that shows how they are relate

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