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Questions on Gender Issues at workplace

Learning Activity #1

I recently learned of a situation in which Dan, a worker within the federal government for more than 20 years took sick leave.   When he returned he was dressed as a woman and his coworkers were asked to call him, Dana.  Coworkers were stunned and didn’t know how to behave.  A little warning may have been in order as most of the workers didn’t handle the shock well.  Dana was still a great person to work with, still had the same great skills, but workers just were not very comfortable for the first few times they met with Dana.  

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After reading the article about effectively facilitating gender transition, think about what you as a manager would do if one of your employees came to you and told you they would be gender transitioning.  Discuss at least two things the article points out should be included in an organization’s guidelines and then discuss at least two things you would do within your own group.  

While this may never be a situation you face, it will get you to think about how to handle these kinds of issues.  

Learning Activity #2

 Do an internet search on gender identity issues in the workplace and find a good article (no blogs) to share with us.  Give us the link to the article or the bibliography.  Provide a summary of the article’s key points.   Explain how the content of the article relates to the weekly theme and why the article is important to our learning about gender identify issues in the workplace.

 NOTE:  The summary should be more than 3-4 sentences.

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