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Question on Organizational Development

Activity #1 

Select three articles or sections in the chapters from the readings this week which focuses on the theme for this week. 

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Provide a brief summary highlighting the key points which you found useful concerning organizational development. 

Activity #2

For this learning activity search the world wide web and post an article about someone who you believe is an excellent organizational development and transformation practitioner. Provide a brief summary  and highlight what makes this person a good organizational development and transformation practitioner. Give an expanded description of those unique characteristics supported with citations and references from this week’s readings. 


1. What is this person’s approach to relationship building with diverse (generational, sexes, cultural, international, etc.) populations? 

2. What are the organizational development and transformation best practices of this practitioner? How does the OD pracitioner build the environment needed to let the managers process the change? How do leaders create an organization that can accept and maintain change? 

3. Provide an exhaustive list of what are the needed for organizational development and transformation. What 21st century organizational characteristics will be needed in the future in order to be successful and overcome challenges? e.g. proactive versus reactive, forward thinking, ability to look at the organization from the outside in and vice versa, internal and external factors; economic,, political, business/organizational trends, technology, knowledge management. Discuss. 

Activity #3

Organizational development and transformation topics also include high performing systems, learning organizations and organization transformation. Key subtopics include:

  • Systems thinking, how it relates to organization change, and can be make an integral part of an organization; 
  • organizational communication—challenges, role in change management, what works best; 
  • and meaning and influence of innovative culture vis-à-vis capacity for organization change. 

Answer the following questions:

1. Examine the impact of organizational learning on organization development; analyze high performing learning organization principles. How does one create an incorporate them in the organization?

2. Discuss best learning organization practices and why they pay off.  Compare the difference between reactive and transforming organizations. Use the readings to support your position.

  • Chapter 12:  Appendix A:  OCC Survey Instrument
  • Chapter 7:  OCC Dimension 5:  Systems Thinking
  • Chapter 8:  OCC Dimension 6:  Communication Systems
  • Chapter 10:  OCC Dimension 8:  Innovative Culture

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