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Probing Question Assignment

Probing Question Assignment ;

Virtual Teams ;

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;The advances in networking communications technologies and the expansion of the global economy ;

have significantly changed both teams and the nature of work at the enterprise. Organizations have ;

become more distributed cross-geography and across industries. Relationships between stakeholders ;

inside the organization and those previously considered outside (customers, supplies, communities) are ;

becoming more important. Organizations have discovered the value of collaborative work and forced to ;

change work processes. Today, there is a new kind of work group “virtual team” made up of people who ;

communicate electronic via several modes (GoToMeeting, social media, etc.). Its members may hardly ;

ever see each other in person. In fact, they never meet at all, except in cyberspace. ;

Most of you either are or will be in managerial position leading a team of professionals and will be faced ;

with the challenge of managing virtual teams. In your opinion what are the challenges in forming virtual ;

teams? How would you manage such teams? What a typical technology infrastructure and architecture ;

an enterprise must have to accommodate this type of collaborative work? What are the implications ;

(financial, organizational, technological, legal, etc.) for the enterprise in relaying on virtual teams to ;

accomplish its goals and objectives? You narrative explanation should not exceed 2000 words. ;

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