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PowerPoint Presentation/with Talking points

  1. Each student will choose an ethics related topic to each of the following fields of criminal justice: ; law enforcement, courts, corrections and forensics.

  2. Student will discuss the ethics issue as it relates to each of the fields.

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  3. Student will provide 1 possible resolution (accountability) to the ethics issues presented in his/her presentation.

  4. Student will apply/analyze the ethics issue from each of the 3 theories discussed in the textbook.

  5. Student will discuss the impact of technology and media on the ethics issue.

  6. The student will research the topic and must have 5 legitimate, documented resources (APA format).

  7. The student will provide a 15 minute presentation on the topic using visual aids to include but are not limited to 3 of the following examples: ; powerpoint, youtube, interactive games, poll everywhere, etc.

  8. The student will provide a one page, formal outline of his/her presentation and a citation page in APA format.

Final Assignment Explanation page.docx

Final Assignment grading rubicle.docx ; (The rubic is showing how the professor will be grading the presentation). ; I must hit all the points.

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