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Power Point Presentation


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Are you able to do a power point? The book can be downloaded which I will pay for and the Power points has to be from any three chapters in the book. Below are the instructions and then please let me know your price. You do not have to know a lot of finance to do this. Everything is in the book. Please let me know. THANK YOU:

PowerPoint Project (100 points)

Pick any three of the six chapters listed from [Essentials of Risk Management in Finance ISBN: 978-0-470-63528-5] ;and prepare PowerPoint presentations with the following in mind (due on August 13th).

Scope and Expectation: ;The PowerPoints are prepared to educate/brief executives of a company or board of directors on a topic related to risk management; they will be educational in nature, but should leave the audience with a practical sense of applying those in real life challenges faced by corporations. The content is already in the book, you have to creatively put the ideas together, and make sure they flow nicely!
In any presentation, you want to keep the audience intrigued! You may want to put pictures, graphs, and figures of your choice; after all, you are presenting the ideas and concepts. Also do some additional research on the topic and include those in your presentation and make references at the end. This will support your arguments and show the listeners that you did your homework thoroughly.

By research I mean (at the very least) to google the more critical and value-added concepts in the presentation. Moreover, you should incorporate your own views, where necessary. They do not need to be comprehensive but I would like to hear you engage yourselves in the topic of interest. Maybe this is something they will ask you to do in a job interview! Something I have done in the past! Your grades are based on how much you impress me.

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