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Please check my work see if its correct

Can someone check and see if my  assignment is right.

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The Situation:

Your early childhood program is working hard to support parents in understanding the foundation of child development and learning. To help, you have been asked to provide information to yourprogram’s parents explaining and communicating your personal philosophy of how children learn.

Course Project Assignment #2: Your Mind Map

Now you will begin the process of formalizing your own personal philosophy. To help with this process and to make sure you cover all developmental domains, you will create a Mind Map. Click on the link below to open up and save the Mind Map template.

Mind Map

  1. Use the attached Mind Map template making sure to include all five developmental domains of PILES.
    1. Take into consideration your past experiences and work with young children
    2. Include how you feel children learn in all 5 areas of PILES – Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social
    3. Express how this philosophy will help the children in your program grow and learn.
    4. Express how the theories and theorists you connected with influenced your own personal philosophy.
  2. Complete the Mind Map as instructed on the document linked above and submit including a title page.
  3. Since this is your own philosophy, all work must be in your own words. Citations and references are not needed for this assignment.

Philosophy_Map_1 (1).docx  this is what I done. 

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