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ome Lessons from the Assembly Line Article

Seada Ahmed


In an Article, “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line Article”, Andrew Braaksman talks about his experiences in a Factory. He begins this article describing how difficult it is to work in a factory. He says it never gets easier to make the transition between school and Summer-time blue-collar work during the semester break.

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Andrew Braaksman has come to realize that the value of knowledge and time is overestimated by people of his age. He was shocked at how small his check seemed after a particularly exhausting string at a plastic factory that made him work 12 hours a day. Another stressful thing was knowing your job could disappear overnight.

Had Andrew Braaksman not gone to school, his future could have been difficult. That’s what Factory life has shown him. Turning in lazy re-writes and skipping classes seems like a cop-out when he is back at the university after seeing what he would be without a school. He however he feels guilty as many people spend 30 years at a place that he has briefly worked. Those people that have not been fortunate enough to receive education go through all that trouble in their lives. Andrew concludes by acknowledging that he has learned his lessons, he feels lucky to get an education, and he knows it is so easy to lose a job once you have it. He swore to make the best out of his college years before entering the real world for good.

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