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nine princeples of sustainbility applied to walmart (one to two pages max)

Using  “The nine principles of sustainability performance,”

 write a one- to two-page analysis of Wal-Mart in regard to
these nine principles. Use APA style guidelines, citing references as

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The nine principles of sustainability:

  1. Ethics
  2. Governance
  3. Transparency
  4. Business Relationships
  5. Financial Return
  6. Community Involvement / Economic Development
  7. Values of Products and Services
  8. Employment Practices
  9. Protection of the Environment

Ethics – The company establishes, promotes, monitors, and maintains ethical standards and practices in dealings with all of the company stakeholders.

Governance – The company manages all its resources consientiously and effectively, recognizing the fiduciary duty of corporate boards and managers to focus on the interests of all company stakeholder.

Transparency – The company provides timely disclosure of information about its products, services, and activities

Business Relationships – The company engages in fair-trading practices with suppliers, distributors, and partners.

Financial Return – The company compensates providers of capital with a competitive return on investment and the protection of company assets.

Community Involvement / Economic Development – The company fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the corporation and community in which it is sensitive to the culture, context, and the needs of the community.

Values of Products and Services

– the company respects the needs, desires, and rights of its customers and strives to provide the highest levels of product and service values.

Employment Practices – The company engages in human resource management practices that promote personal and professional employee development, diversity, and empowerment.

Protection of the Environment – The company strives to protect and restore the environment and promote sustainable development with products, processes, services and other activities.

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