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Criminal Justice Case Manager

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation analyzing the following pertaining to your selected client:

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Client goals– 2 slides with speaker notes

Case manager goals– 2 slides with speaker notes

Based on this case

The Case of Mike

Mike is a 20-year-old male who has
just recently been released from jail. Mike is technically on probation for car
theft, though he has been involved in crime to a much greater extent. Mike has
been identified as a cocaine user and has been suspected, though not convicted,
for dealing cocaine. Mike has been tested for drugs by his probation department
and was found positive for cocaine. The county has mandated that Mike receive
drug counseling but the drug counselor has referred Mike to your office because
the drug counselor suspects that Mike has issues beyond simple drug addiction.
In fact, the drug counselor’s notes suggest that Mike has Narcissistic
personality disorder.

Mike seems to have little regard
for the feelings of others. Coupled with this is his complete sensitivity to
the comments of others. In fact, his prior fiancé has broken off her
relationship with him due to what she calls his “constant need for admiration
and attention. He is completely self-centered.” After talking with Mike, you
quickly find that he has no close friends. As he talks about people who have
been close to him, he discounts them for one imperfection or another. These
imperfections are all considered severe enough to warrant dismissing the person
entirely. Mike makes a point of noting how many have betrayed their loyalty to
him or have otherwise failed to give him the credit that he deserves.

When asked about getting caught in
the auto theft, he remarks that “well my dumb partner got me out of a hot
situation by driving me out in a stolen get-a-way car.” (Word on the street has
it that Mike was involved in a sour drug deal and was unlikely to have made it
out alive if not for his partner.) Mike adds, “you know, I plan everything out
perfectly, but you just cannot rely on anybody . . . if you want it done right,
do it yourself.”

Mike recently has been involved
with another woman (unknown to his prior fiancé) who has become pregnant. When
she told Mike he said “tough, you can go get an abortion or something, it isn’t
like we were in love or something.” Then he laughed at her and told her to go
find some other guy who would shack up with her.

Incidentally, Mike is a very
attractive man and he likes to point that out on occasion. “Yeah, I was going
to be a male model in L. A., but my agent did not know what he was doing . . .
could never get things settled out right . . . so I had to fire him.” Mike is
very popular with women and has had a constant string of failed relationships
due to what he calls “their inability to keep things exciting.”

As Mike puts it “hey, I am too
smart for this stuff. These people around me, they don’t deserve the good life
cause they’re a bunch of dummies. But me, well I know how to run things and get
over on people. And I am not about to let these dummies get in my way. I got it
all figured out . . . see?”

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