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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper based on your selected case study.

Include the following in your paper:

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  • A brief description of the selected case
  • A description of the concept of helping clients during the case management process
  • The best intervention practices when working with clients and how this can have a positive effect on a client’s behavioral patterns
  • The concept of helping and intervention practices that should be used in this case

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

The Case of Duane

Duane is currently on probation for voyeurism and indecent exposure. Yes, he has been arrested and convicted of both. The community supervision department has decided to send him to your office for mental health services. From the records given to you, it is obvious that Duane also suffers from dementia. Duane’s records note a gradual onset and continuing cognitive decline over the past few years. He is also 64 years old and has numerous respiratory health problems related to heavy smoking. He has been diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, with early onset.

Duane has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, including uncontrollable and unpredictable bursts of cursing and screaming, petty shoplifting in retail stores, and a concurring total loss of memory of the incidents. He is beginning to demonstrate problems with spatial perception and has injured himself numerous times while in his own home. Duane has two daughters Jenny (age 28) and Tina (age 25), both of whom refuse to talk with him. He has exposed himself to one of his granddaughters (Jenny’s five-year-old daughter), and he was caught spying on Tina when she was in bed with her husband. Both Jenny and Tina have had strained relationships with their father in the past and left home early. Incidentally, Duane is a widower and was retired early from the chemical plant that he had worked at. Duane is often morose and sullen and has actually brought up doing something “crazy.” One of his friends told a senior-care worker that Duane has thought about “going out with a bang” and described notions that he had been considering (i.e., committing bank robbery, a mass shooting, bombing some popular cite, etc.). Duane alludes to these possibilities as if they were a joke. You are not so sure.

You will be seeing Duane later this afternoon. It is not really clear-cut if anything can, in fact, be done to “fix” these problems. What do you do?

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