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My instructor feed back

My instructor feed back

What would you exactly be arguing here? Are you for or against the limits on free speech for military members? Are people trying to pass legislation to change these practices?

I would try to be more clear on the viewpoint you would take in your paper. Since gay marriage has been legalized and probably will remain so, I wouldn’t argue for or against it. Would you be arguing that business owners have a right to free speech in denying service to gay customers? Or, the opposite of that…? That, you could argue.

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If you want to write on a freedom of speech issue, you could write about whether or not businesses should have the right not to serve homosexual couples (or whether people like that woman who refused to sign a marriage certificate for a gay couple should be allowed to keep their jobs). I wouldn’t write necessarily on supporting homosexual couples in general because that is rather broad and moot since the supreme court ruling is likely not to be overturned. Another free speech issue you could write about is perhaps whether you believe that the right to peaceful protest should be limited or defined more given the recent violence surrounding protests.

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