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Muscular System Case Study

Muscular System Case Study

Instructions: This exercise contains information and medical terms that could be found in an actual medical record. ;

Answer each of the questions below using complete sentences. You may refer to your medical dictionary or the supplemental resources to aid your investigation.

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Use the submission link in the Session 5 Assignments and Assessments folder to turn into your instructor. You can enter your answers directly into the textbox provided there.

Case Study: The mother of a 3-year old male child was concerned because she noticed that her son has been falling frequently and seems to be very clumsy. She also noticed that he is very slow in running and climbing and walks on his toes.

She is most concerned because her uncle has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (MD) and worries that she may carry the gene.

The physician ordered an electromyography (EMG) and muscle biopsy to aid in the diagnosis.

Based on the symptoms and signs that the child exhibited what may be the diagnosis? (2pts)

How did you come to this diagnosis? (What are the characteristics of the disease) (3pts)

Define the two tests ordered by the physician and explain what information the results will provide the physician.(2pts)

How will the child be affect by this disease as he ages? (3pts )

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