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modular six discussion

Pay scales ad benefit packages are affected by larger economic issues.  Research the employment conditions in southwest Florida.  Start by checking the websites of the local newspapers, chambers of commerce and television stations.  Include anecdotal information (look this up if you don’t know what it means) and your own observations.

Answer the following questions on the discussion board. 

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1) How have the students in this class been affected by economic changes?

2) What is the relative impact of national and local factors?

3) What is the local unemployment rate?  How has it changed in the last two years?

4) How long do people report taking to find a new job in their field?  Are people changing fields or taking contingency jobs?

5) What are the elected officials predicting on a local, state and/or national level?  What are business leaders predicting?

6)  What advice do you have for your community leaders?

Obviously you will use several sources to obtain this information.  Remember to cite your sources, both in-text as well as a list of References at the end of your posts, using APA format.  Check the Grading Rubric to ensure your posts will receive full points

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