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MKTG330-1403B-01 : Marketing Research

Part 1 Outline

Ø  More than just a basic outline using the information below

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Key Assignment Draft

Your deliverable will be a PowerPoint presentation of 14–16 slides, please include a title and reference slide. (16-18) Including title and reference slides Each content slide should have speaker notes of 150–175 words per slide.

You have met with senior management of Acme Wholesaling, Inc., proposing a method for going forward with a research project to help the company understand the odds of success of its new product venture. The chief executive officer (CEO) has now asked that you sum it up by presenting the plan to the board of directors for their final approval and funding. This presentation will be the draft of your Key Assignment, and it will incorporate the work that you have done in your previous projects. Additionally, you will work on one new section for this week, the questionnaire. Your presentation should include the following items:

  • Introduction (Week 1 DB and IP): Include an introduction with a discussion of why this research project is important, why this is the right time to fund and execute this project, and why this project is aligned with meeting the firm’s expectations for its new product venture.
  • The Research Questions (Week 1 IP): List the research questions that you feel must be answered to know enough to proceed with the new product venture.
  • Secondary Sources (Week 2 DB): This is a discussion of why secondary sources should first be examined and which ones are available.
  • Literature Review: (Week 2 IP): This is a listing and a description of the three best secondary sources that you found in your research, what these sources say, and their relationship to answering one or more of the research questions.
  • Primary Research (Week 3 DB): What design options are available for this project, and what are their relative roles and advantages?
  • Research Design (Week 3 IP): Choose a research design or designs for the project, and justify these choices by providing a time line and an activity schedule for when and how long it will take to accomplish this plan.
  • Sampling Method (Week 3 IP): Describe your target population and the people from whom you will take your sample for data collection.
  • Hypothesis: What do you expect will be the answers to your research questions from this project, and why do you feel this way?
  • Future Research: List at least 2 things that you are not sure you will get full answers about that may require follow-up research in another project. In the alternative, discuss at least 2 suggestions for next steps that you feel the company should take in the way of marketing research, either strategically or post venture.


Notwithstanding any other primary research method you would like to use, imagine that a survey questionnaire will at least play some role in the project. Present what that questionnaire would look like, what form and type of questions you would ask, their exact wording, and to which research question each survey question pertains. The questionnaire should have at least 5 questions directed to answering the research questions that you have previously developed.

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