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MKT325-1402B-01: Consumer Behavior Fundamentals

2 Parts

MKT325-1402B-01: Consumer Behavior Fundamentals 

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Part 1

Build a key outline based on the previous assignments and information below Steps 1-3

Please stick with Toyota  

How will you connect your message with the customer market segment that you have been developing throughout the last few weeks?

For this project, you will create 2 sales opportunities to use to reach out to your customers based on what you know about your industry and product. You will use 2 direct marketing techniques: an advertisement and a sales pitch.  Then add a customer communications section. The project is separated into 3 parts.

 Step 1-2

2500- 3100 words

First step:

This will be a digital advertisement that creates an emotional appeal to reach your target segment of customers, influencing them to buy your product. Include the following elements in your ad:

  • A logo and/or slogan
  • A headline
  • At least 200 words of body copy listing 2 features and 2 benefits of the product
  • A visual communication element
  • A 300-word summary of your creative intent
    • Remember to include the target market’s demographics and psychographics and how the creative ad connects with the selected customers.

Second Step:

This will be an electronic sales pitch or presentation of 300–500 words, including the following elements:

  • A promotional element, such as a coupon; discount; or buy one, get one free
  • Explanation of how you will influence your customer to buy the product
  • Explanation of why you would use the ad that you just created in addition to the sales pitch to encourage a purchase

 Third Step:

900- 1100 Words

The final part of your plan will include a customer communications section. Draft and recommend one customer communications strategy to include in the plan. Detail the following:

·  Decide how you will stay in contact with customers with a customer communications strategy.

·  Add 1 communication vehicle that you will use such as an e-zine, a blog, a social networking page with updates, a newsletter, direct marketing campaigns, and so on.

·  Choose 1 communication vehicle, and draft the communications message that you would deliver for the first piece. For example, if you are writing a customer blog, a first message could be about customer service and how it sets your company apart from the competition.

·  Then, add this section at the end of your final Key Assignment plan. Organize the sections; edit them to the final draft of the plan.

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Possible links and references

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