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MindEdge text

After exploring the images in your MindEdge text and the resources provided, including the Web Gallery of Art, select two works of art ;to work with throughout the term to build your final essay. Your works must have been created within the parameters of this course, approximately (40,000 BCE – 1600 CE). These works must be from two different time periods and represent two different styles.

Present your works of art here, posting at least one visual of each work, and all identifying information including artist, title of work (in italics), date, medium, dimensions, and current location. Please keep in mind that you need to select two works of visual art from two different time periods or styles. A Suggested Works of Art list has been provided for this assignment.

Once you have completely identified the two pieces you will work with this term, use your initial post to justify your selection by explaining why the two pieces selected should be compared. What is their shared theme? You may wish to consult the MindEdge resource on Writing About the Humanities, located in the Course Supplemental Materials Folder in Blackboard or the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course, in preparation for this and other milestone assignments.

I need both papers, milstone 1 and the final paper. One is due sunday, next is due the end of the month. ;

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