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Michel Chevreul's

Why was Michel Chevreul’s discovery of the law of simultaneous contrast beneficial to Impressionist artists?

a He defined hot and cold colors.
b He asserted that mixing colors optically created the most intense colors.
c His discovery allowed the artists to better understand complementary colors.
d He divided types of colors into purity, luminosity, and hue.

Why did contemporaries of Impressionist painters criticize their style of art?

a They believed Impressionists were betraying academic art.
b They thought Impressionists were using color incorrectly.
c They did not like the unfinished quality of Impressionist paintings.
d all of the above

_______ was an Impressionist painting technique in which paint was applied very thickly to the canvas, typically with a palette knife.

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a Art Deco
b Pastel painting
c Impasto
d Chiaroscuro

The use of “readymade” artwork or found art was a common quality of _________.

a Dadaism
b Surrealism
c Bauhaus
d None of the above

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Impressionist art?

a an emphasis on objectivity and rationality
b a focus on light
c open composition
d landscapes, informal portraits, and still lifes

Which invention allowed Impressionist artists to take their work outside of the studio and observe new subjects for their paintings?

a electricity
b paint storage tubes
c easels
d paintbrushes made from natural hair

Which 20th century play addressed the issues behind the AIDS epidemic and its impact on the gay community?

a Fences
b A Raisin in the Sun
c Angels in America
d The Vagina Monologues

Which of the following artists is known as an Impressionist?

a Georges Seurat
b Pablo Picasso
c Claude Monet
d Paul Gauguin

Which of the following images is an Impressionist work?


Which of the following artists is a well-known Abstract Expressionist?

a Pablo Picasso
b Andy Warhol
c Claude Monet
d Jackson Pollock

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