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MGM375-1403A-02 -1403A-02


;Below is some improvements that my instructor has given to make improvements this unfortunately lowered my grade would you please fix the paper for me, as he instructed.

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Strengths: You have very good writing skills. You covered most of the topics required by the assignment. Weaknesses: Most all parts of the assignment are completely answered. You did not use any section headings or subheading to make the appearance of your document satisfactory in the business world. Areas for Improvement: You are missing the section on vendor selection and a vendor check list. This is about all that needs to be added for your final project. You need to improve the formatting of your document so that it appears to be business ready not just an essay. Add headings and subheadings at a minimum. Writing Quality 15/15: You have very good writing skills. You have no spelling or grammar errors with your document. You followed APA requirements. Format follows the outline 11/15: Part of the defined deliverable for each assignment are also outlined in the grading rubric. For this section of the rubric you will find that the expectation is for your documents to be business ready. This would mean that you use section headings, executive summary and other best practices to make your essay a business document. Content quality sections I-II 30/30: You covered all the required topics in great detail in these sections. Content quality sections III, IV 30/45: In the one section you did an outstanding job as well. You are missing a vendor check list and program for vendor selection. Content quality section V,VI 45/45: You capture exactly the goal of this project in the final sections by outlining the benefits and advantages for your recommended plan.RICHARDSON MGM375-1403A-02 IP PHASE 4 08042014.docx ;

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