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Metrics to Assess Success – SUPPLY CHAIN

Deliverable Length: Word (1500 words) or Excel spreadsheet: Columns A–C and rows 1–8 and to not forget to include references.

“The CEO expects you to be providing a number of various logistics reports and recommendations to her.  She has asked you to prepare a chart on 1–2 pages of frequently used logistics techniques. To demonstrate your understanding of the breadth and depth of the logistics function, research the following terms, and for each of the 8 terms, complete the following:”

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In this assignment you are being asked to research logistics techniques to understand what they are all about and then to develop a chart answering the following items:

  1. Provide a definition of the term, in your own words
  2. Give an example of a real company that uses this
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of the technique

Here are the 8 techniques that you are researching:

  1. Distribution center
  2. Public warehouse
  3. Third party logistics
  4. Common carrier
  5. Dedicated private fleet
  6. Backhauls
  7. Deadheading
  8. Freight equalization

This assignment would work well using an MS Excel spreadsheet.

In column A you would place the name of the technique.

In column B you would offer your own definition of the technique

In column C you would offer an example of a real company that uses this particular technique

In column D you would offer the pros/cons of the technique

Please be sure to adjust the column widths so that you are able to fully explain your thoughts.

·  This is NOT intended to be a short answer exercise.


You may also choose to do this assignment using MS Word. 

IF you choose this option, then offer your paper in the following format:

·  Name of technique:

·  Your definition of the technique

·  Example of a real company that uses this technique

·  Pros and cons of the technique

·  Be sure to offer citations and references too.

Explanation (PLEASE READ IT)

Due to the very nature of this assignment there will no examples since that is what you are expected to do:

Let’s discuss offshoring a rather popular topic in logistics and supply chain management.  Many companies sent their work overseas to be done by others.

Manufacturers send their products to be manufactured overseas in countries such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian countries.  India is also quite popular for call center operations since the Indians speak English. This is done primarily to save costs.

Entire factories have been permanently shut down in the USA as manufacturers have moved their production to overseas factories in an effort to save costs.

For example, IF a person in Asia is willing to work for 5 dollars per day, doesn’t it make more sense to move that job overseas?  Our minimum wage is about $8.25 per hour here in the USA!!  Despite the politicians claiming that these jobs will return to the USA, if you just look at the economics I am certain that you will come to the same conclusion that the likelihood of a return of these jobs is slim at best.

A better approach is to create jobs that are more sustainable in the long run such as those requiring technical skills that a college education can bring.

Do any of you know someone who has lost his or her job due to offshoring/outsourcing? 

–  IF so, what are they doing today without a job? 

–  Are they finding work elsewhere or are they returning to school to improve their skills?

We live in a global environment and need to think and act more globally in order to stay competitive.

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