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master operating budgets

Complete the master operating budgets for a fictitious bottled water company on spreadsheet(s) in a workbook, using formulas and linking figures for maximum effectiveness of the spreadsheet. The information you will need to complete these budgets can be found in the attached pdf:

Mod 8 data.pdf

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Additionally, complete the budgeted income statement, linking the numbers from the supporting budgets to the income statement. Note that you are not given the information to complete the budgeted balance sheet, so a balance sheet is not expected to be a part of the assignment package. 

Finally, prepare an executive summary to Ginnie Adams, the owner of the Bottled Water Company, with your results from the comprehensive budget for the new product and how launching the new product would affect net income. 

 this project requires both a detailed and lengthy Excel component as well as an MSWord component

Part 1 should include: 

1.Sales Budget 

2.Production Budget 

3.Direct Materials Budget 

4.Direct Labor Budget 

5.Overhead Budget 

6.Selling and Administrative Expense Budget 

7.Cost of Goods Manufactured Budget 

8.Budget and Income Statement 

Part 2 should include:

1.Executive Summary (2-3 pages)

Must be APA Formated

Original work only as it will be checked

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