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Marketing Final

Choose 15 of the 24, and answer as fully as possible.

1. ; You are the new sales manager and you want to train your team on customer loyalty, why is it important, how do you achieve it, and list the various benefits of having loyal customers

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2. ; What is Customer Relationship Management – and why is this a major issue in marketing today and how would you use it (provide examples)

3. ; Describe in detail the 4 buying influences and their characteristics in B2B marketing

4. ; What is a brand, why is it important and how do you keep it strong (give examples)

5. ; Why differentiate – and tell me how you would differentiate your new software product from the other software products (provide examples)

6. ; Summarize three of the General Attacking Strategies in Marketing Warfare, their attributes and give examples of each

7. ; What are the key attributes of service quality, give me examples of good service and bad service and indicate how you would improve bad service – what would be the program

8. ; How do companies price products and give examples of the 6 steps in pricing

9. ; What is a marketing channel, why are they used and give me examples of the various types of marketing channels

10. ; Outline a SWOT analysis for a new cell phone co. and give detailed examples of each element

11. ; Sales credibility – what is it, why is it important and how do you get it and keep it

12. ; For your new product, talk about the 6 modes of marketing communications (with examples of each)

13. ; With your new medical device company, choose 3 forms of advertising, describing why you chose those and how you will evaluate their success (metrics)

14. ; What are some the major challenges facing marketers, and what can be done to create success

15. ; What are some of the characteristics of growth strategies/opportunities – and give examples

16. ; Describe the 4 key customer markets and give examples of each

17. ; You are teaching a marketing management course at BGSU and you want to discuss the concept of “holistic marketing”, why is it important and provide examples of each element for your class

18. ; Why is segmentation so important in marketing – give examples of each type

19. ; Talk about the steps of the Market Research Process – and provide examples of each

20. ; Why is important to gather market intelligence – and give examples of ways to improve the process

21. ; You have a new company and you are introducing a new healthcare product. You need to do an overview of the 4 Ps in marketing – what are the 4 Ps – and give examples of each P

22. ; Describe the impact of the various demographic forces impacting marketing of a new computer ; – and give examples

23. ; How do you know if your marketing program is effective (provide examples of the methods)

24. ; Why do companies decide to turn to the global markets – give examples.

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