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marketing and sales .

1. Explain why distribution and supply chain management are critical to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and true differentiation in the marketplace. How are these issues related to other elements of the marketing program in determining competitive advantage?

2. Discuss the four types of consumer products and explain how marketing strategy changes across these product types. Be sure to use examples.

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3. Respond to one of the following:

  1. Pricing strategy associated with services is typically more complex than the pricing of tangible goods. As a consumer, what pricing issues do you consider when purchasing services? How difficult is it to compare prices among competing services or to determine the complete price of the service before purchase? What could service providers do to solve these issues?
  2. Price elasticity often varies for the same product based on the situation. What situational factors might affect the price elasticity of these products: (a) sporting event or concert tickets, (b) staple goods such as milk, eggs, or bread, (c) an electric razor, and (d) eye surgery to correct vision?
  3. One of the key themes stressed throughout this text is the challenge of marketing goods and services in mature markets that are plagued by commoditization. In what ways is pricing strategy related to commoditization? How can a firm offer good value in a mature market where price is the only visible means of differentiation? Are most firms too concerned about their costs to really deliver value in other ways? Explain

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