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Managerial Marketing

2–3 page memo (excluding cover and reference pages)

Assignment Scenario:

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  1. “We’ve discussed a lot of things during the last few weeks, but I think we need to decide on a pricing strategy for the new product,” Michelle says. “Perhaps you can come up with 2 different strategies that should be considered and we can narrow it down from there.”

  2. “That’s a good way to approach it,” you respond. “There are so many options that narrowing it down will help us focus and make a decision. Along with the pricing, we have to consider a distribution plan to make the product available to the target customers. The distribution plan may be different based on which pricing strategy we select.”

  3. “Good idea,” she says. “Could you prepare a memo that analyzes the 2 pricing strategies and also provides your recommended strategy?”

  4. “Yes,” you reply. “I’ll do that and also include the appropriate distribution plan based on my recommended strategy. Can I get this to you on Monday?”

  5. “Monday will work,” says Michelle. “I look forward to reading it then. Let me know if you have any questions or need to discuss any of your ideas.”


  1. Introduction
  2. ;analyze at least 2 different pricing strategies or tactics

  3. select 1 pricing strategy and defend it in the memo.

    1. Note the following: provide a specific price for the product

  4. In the second part of the paper, ; identify 1 distribution strategy for MM’s product. This should include the following:

    1. Where customers will buy the product

    2. How the product will be moved from MM to the customer’s point of purchase, including manufacture, shipping storage, to the retailer and how the product will be moved to the consumer (most students will probably recommend the use of existing cell phone retailers and selling the product on the Internet stick to that)

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