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M8A1: Marketing Plan Toyota- There is 3 papers at the bottom-attached

M8A1 Marketing Plan Final Paper: Putting It All Together with Recommendations & Detailed Summary

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Utilize the course material and your short papers throughout the course to compile your final project.

You will prepare and submit a marketing plan for a company or product in one of the following categories: hospitality, technology, or retail. The plan should illustrate your grasp of the concepts you have learned throughout the course and your ability to analyze a situation and recommend policy solutions.

You must follow the format below for your marketing plan final paper.

Title: The title is a concise statement of the subject of the paper.

Abstract: The abstract is an “executive overview” of your paper. It should be a 50- to 100-word summary that would be appropriate to give your manager so that he/she would know the essence of your plan without reading the paper in its entirety.

Table of Contents: In this section, list each section of your paper with the page number. The list should include:

  • Tables and figures, if you included more than two
  • Appendices, if included
  • Reference section listing sources used

Introduction: In this section, state the purpose of the marketing plan in succinct, declarative sentences. Convince your reader that the plan will have a practical value and meaning for the reader and the plan will be based upon the concepts studied in the course.

Background and Significance: This section should provide further justification of the need for your plan. For example: “This project examines the need to adopt a social media strategy at a hypothetical organization.” Outline anticipated challenges. Explain the applicable concepts and include examples and references from case studies completed during the course.

Discussion, Implications and Recommendations: In this section, you should provide a thorough discussion of specific solutions to challenges outlined in the background section, including specific platforms, strategies, and tools. Provide a recommended plan of action that includes a discussion of best practices and issues that need further research. Be sure that the recommendations are realistic in terms of the appropriate concepts and include examples from your own use of the recommended tools—for example, social media—throughout this course.

References: You may use your textbook as a primary source of information, but you must also draw on other sources such as websites, business journals, information from an organization, and interviews with individuals. You must also include relevant personal experiences, such as social media participation. Be sure that you support the information presented with appropriate references. It is important that all references and quotes are cited correctly. All sources, including websites must be referenced in the bibliography or references list. You must follow the APA style for format.

Appendices: Include a separate sheet and title for each appendix.

More Key Points

Keep in mind that all accepted rules of English composition apply. Papers must be typed or word-processed, be double spaced, and have standard margins (1 inch on each side).

The length of the paper is not the primary measure of the quality of the paper. As a guideline, you will probably need 10–15 pages to present your marketing plan adequately.

Toyota Marketing Plan.docx 
Toyota Marketing 2.doc 
Toyota marketing Plan (1).docx 

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