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Literature/Arts & Humanities*

*Subject is Literature/Arts & Humanities*

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Choose a work from this week’s module that you believe has a parallel in contemporary society. In other words, point out any connections you observe between the medieval period and your own culture. What are some of the shared concerns or values (keeping in mind that they may be expressed differently)? For example, in Module One we learned (through the Law Code of Hammurabi) that the enforcement of rules was as important to ancient near eastern cultures as it is for us today, although U.S. law differs from Hammurabi’s in many ways.

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Here are the works from this week:

Young Man Before the Seven Liberal Arts by Sandro Botticelli
The Three Magi Following the Star by St. Albans Psalter
Stavelot Triptych
Romanesque sculpture: 12th century tympanum, Abbey of la Madaleine, Vézelay, France

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur de Paray-le-Monial, 12th century CE

Speyer Cathedral, 11th century CE
Pisa Cathedral and Tower, 12th century CE
Virgin and Child, tempera on panel painting by Antonio Veneziano, c. 1380 CE
The Miracle of the Child Falling from the Balcony by Simone Martini, c. 1328 CE
Mary Magdalene in St. John Cathedral in Toruń c. 13-14th century CE

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