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Leadership in Corporate Governance

A (1) Paragraph reply to this post. I hate that I have to say this but the reply needs to be in good English with good sentence structure, please.

Leadership in Corporate Governance

In corporate governance, goals are a set target to be met in the duration of a timeline. Leaders are expected to instill the cooperate culture which is the guidance on work ethics. Because stakeholders often times demand too much from management, it would be a leader’s role to make them understand the progress being made by creating an overview of the current quarters accomplishments. Market competitiveness and ensuring services and products are gaining market share should be closely monitored by leaders as well. A leader’s role in ensuring productivity is maintained across the board by utilizing the resources at their disposal effectively and efficiently (Sveningsson, & ;Alvesson, 2016). ;

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Projections for cash flow are made annually to ensure that the company does not run out of cash. Projections are also important to ensure that goods and services are available to on time and to keep company operations running smoothly. This ensures time is efficiently and effectively managed by the staff. Planning is essential in achieving a successful strategy. It is a requirement for managers to come up with strategic plans to be implemented in the company. This includes, the breakdown of work into manageable tasks. Implementation of company policies in ensuring market share growth should be of concern to the management and staff should be trained on industry compliance on services and goods produced (Lindle, 2015). ; ;


Management is expected to maintain effective communication of regulatory procedures to training staff. Stakeholders might expect leadership to bypass certain legal requirements in an effort to make a higher return on investment or to earn high dividends. However, management should be able to stick to running the company ethically and uphold all regulations.

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