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Kaplan Week 8 Assignment 1 & 2

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Unit 8, Assignment 1: Case Analysis

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In this unit, you will fill out the documents necessary to create
your own corporation (Articles of Incorporation). A Web resource to locate your
secretary of state online is provided below.

To complete the Assignment:

  1. Write up a brief description of your
    fictional business (200–500 words). Describe how you filled out the form and any
    decisions you needed to make during the process.
  2. Fill out the Articles of Incorporation
    based on the description you provided.

Note: If your state does not have the form available to download
online, use any State’s form from the example below. Be sure to save your
filled-out form to submit with Assignment 1 above.

You may find that many of these forms are in a PDF format, which
will not allow you to save the information to your computer. If this is the
case, then attach the PDF form to the Dropbox and fill out the information on a
separate Microsoft Word document and attach it as well. You may have multiple
attachments once you have completed this Assignment.

Web Resource

The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has a list
of each state’s secretary of state’s website. You will need to enroll to access
the database.

Unit 8, Assignment 2: Case Analysis


Greg Allen is an employee, shareholder, director and the president
of Greg Allen Construction Corp. In 1996, Daniel and Sondra Estelle hired
Allen’s firm to renovate a home they owned in Ladoga, Indiana. To finance the
cost, they obtained a line of credit from Banc One, Indiana, which required
periodic inspections to disburse funds. Allen was on the job every day and
supervised all of the work.

He designed all of the structural changes, including a floor
system for the bedroom over the living room, the floor system of the living
room, and the stairway to the second floor. He did all of the electrical,
plumbing, and carpentry work and installed all of the windows. He did most of
the drywall taping and finishing and most of the painting.

The Estelles found much of this work to be unacceptable, and the
bank’s inspector agreed that it was of poor quality.

When Allen failed to act on the Estelle’s complaints, they filed a
suit in an Indiana State court against Allen Construction Corporation and Allen
personally, alleging in part that his individual work on the project was
negligent. Can both Allen and his corporation be held liable for this tort?

In responding to the question be sure

  • Analyze whether or not a
    director/officer can be held liable for the torts of the Greg Allen Construction
  • Discuss whether or not the facts would
    constitute the type of act protected by the corporate entity.

Paper Submissions: There are two types of APA manuscripts: copy
manuscripts (those submitted for publication) and final manuscripts (those not
submitted for publication). Copy manuscripts are much more formal and may
contain multiple sections. Specifically, they will have an abstract (a
one-paragraph summary of the paper). The papers you produce for most Kaplan University classes will be final manuscripts. Unlike
copy manuscripts, final manuscripts do not, unless specifically required by an
instructor, require an abstract.

They do include:

A title page;

The paper itself (the “discussion”) and

A references page.

Formatting the discussion, or body, of the paper, is also quite
straightforward. APA final manuscripts are generally double-spaced (unless your
instructor requests otherwise). The running head appears in the upper left
corner of each page, before the page number (on the upper right hand corner).
The full title also appears, but only on the first page of the body of the
paper. For subsequent pages, the running head is the only “title” present.

New paragraphs should be indented (which is the default setting
for the Tab key) and there should not be an extra blank line between

The last thing required is the references page. This page, like
the others, has the running head and page number in the upper-right hand corner.
Sources should be alphabetized by the author’s last name (or, for sources
without authors, by the first letter in the title) and the second line of each
source should be indented a half inch (the first line is not indented).

Here are a few additional formatting standards to keep in

  • Use standard margins: 1″ on all
  • Use standard 12-point font size.
  • Use standard double-spacing: average of
    22 lines per page, and between 20 and 24 lines per page.
  • Use left-aligned text. Do not
  • There should be no spaces between
    paragraphs within the paper.
  • When citing a quote of more than four
    lines, you should indent the entire quoted passage 10 spaces from the left
    margin. It is not necessary to indent these block quotes from the right margin.
    Continue with the usual double-spacing, and give the usual acknowledgements at
    the end of the quote. Block quotes do not require quotation

Directions for Submitting Your

Please label your projects:
username-project-unit.doc. For example, a student named Tina Allen would name
her file TAllen-CriminalLawEssay-Unit2.doc. Submit your Assignment by selecting
the appropriate Dropbox by the end of the unit.

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