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Japan Health Issue

Paper details

Select a health issue from Japan.

Prepare a presentation-worthy poster on your assigned topic. Use the attached provided poster template 

Assignments should use evidence-based data. Do not alter the general look or size of the poster.

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The following sections will be included on your poster: (additional details can be found on the poster template)

Overview of the issue: Provide an evidence-based overview of the issue, incidence rates, facts/data, and an image. Be sure your overview takes a local, national, and global perspective. Overview includes personal, global, national and local perspectives.

  • Overview defines the issue.
  • Overview includes incidence.
  • Overview includes prevalence.
  • Overview includes impact.
  • Overview includes hard data support
  • See template for additional details.

Risk factors: Include the primary risk factors and the population at highest risk as well as an infographic.

Determinants of health: For each of the five determinants of health, provide evidence of how that determinant either is influenced by or influences the issue. Include a graphic. (Remember this influence may vary by location, so be sure to look locally, nationally, and globally.) Make sure all 5 Determinants are covered.

  • Each determinant includes hard data support.
  • Evidence based.
  • Data driven.
  • Accurate. See template for additional details.

Evidence-based solutions: Provide evidence-based solutions for prevention, intervention, and education as well as quantifying the effect each would have. (Be sure to include local, national, and global perspectives.) Evidence based solutions include all 4 levels of prevention. Quantitative impact of implementing solutions is included for all four.

See template for additional details.

References: Use reliable sources and format them in APA format. See template for additional details.


Make sure the images and infographics used on the poster are appropriate and professional.

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